Why HH Won’t be a Stupid President

Sikaile C Sikaile writes

From a simple villager in Bweengwa who saw the tough times of heading cattle, here comes a man with perseverance in pushing for the best.

Many used to call him an Under-Five politician but the man’s consistency in what he believes in has proved his principles. He is a stead-fast leader who can endure trying moments and records are there to prove that.

Others, accused him of being a Satanist for simply investing his hard earned money when accusers spent their little on Jameson. Thieves, criminals, hypocrites threw him in prison trying to demonize him, but he came out Ten times stronger than before.

Believe you me, it is difficult breaking the spirit of a man who headed cattle.

A good Thirteen years I herded cattle in the bush and it wasn’t a joke. We walked barefooted covering over 100 kilometers daily and we depended only on wild fruits for food. So, I understand very well the perseverance and determination of a person who has gone through such a life.

Hichilema, having tested all these injustices and has proved innocent, I have so much confidence in him that “he will not be a stupid President” but a leader who will unite.

He is a unifier who will unite Zambia by embracing all tribes and cultures and share the national cake equally.

One day he called me and surprisingly, without expecting his call, he introduced himself and we began our conversation.

Before we proceeded to the topic, he reminded me of the importance of praying every single day before doing anything for God’s protection and wisdom. We discussed many issues regarding the future of our nation and I asked him if I could pose a question, and he allowed me to go ahead with the question.

My question to him was “What type of Zambia do you want to see provided you become the President of Zambia?”

He responded; “my dearest own son Sikaile, I first want to see a united, peaceful and loving Zambia where every citizen will be respected and not referred to as a ‘dog’ or any less human being.”

He added that he wants to run an inclusive government that will include all tribes and regions. And he further promised that he will give jobs not according to tribal connections but based on one’s capability to do the job. It was encouraging listening to him talking unite.

He said it is important to keep the nation together for it is the only way a leader can achieve meaningful development and make people. He said Zambia has 73 tribes and all these are Zambians who should enjoy the right of being Zambians.

It was gratifying to also note that youths have a special place in his heart. He said once elected President of Zambia, he wants youths to be part and parcel of government as they are the future leaders. He concluded by charging that youths have the greatest potential to heavily contribute to the well being of our nation if utilized wisely and that he already has a smart plan for them.

Youths, you can judge for yourselves which leader to give your support come 2021. From their daily conduct, we should be able to tell which leader means well for our country.

Let’s open our eyes and save Zambia from mediocrity.

Stay Blessed 🙏

Sikaile Sikaile

Good Governance and Human Rights Activist


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