FNB Zambia Gaining Innefficiency – Sad Tab

The once towering and outshining bank among most Zambian based banks, the First National Bank (FNB) is slowly becoming inneffient in service provision in general.

Several complaints from the First National Bank customers have been reaching our investigatory journalists regarding the drooping service provision levels within FNB.

FNB Zambia, has been a shining example of how banks must be run generally. Sadly, the FNB Shining Armour is slowly darkening and the FNB bank is just becoming as any other Bank in Zambia as far as service provision is concerned.

FNB must redeem itself swiftly in improving service provision before it is clustered like many other banks and like some banks that just run away after successfully failing to keep up the service levels.

The FNB Zambia management must awake and leave their comfort seats where they are busy harvesting fat salaries while failing to serve the people whose money they keep and get pieces of for their lavish living.

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