Mwata Katongo should explain what Spax has done.

 James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku, RPP President

Esther should apply the same speed she moves with to address the nation on police matters.
Spax Mulenga, a PF copperbelt hard core supporter and a best friend of President Lungu is in custody at Chelstone facing  charges speculated as related to the infamous gassing crimes.
This PF youth mobiliser is no ordinary youth but holds the title of the country’s richest young man. He controls copper mountains on the copper belt which have made him rich. He controls copper mountains on behalf of the PF and has eventually been made rich.
The only effort he has put in becoming rich is to effortlessly gain supply contracts facilitated by the PF so that cadres on the copper belt are sustained.
We know that money comes with power. And we know that the police on the copper belt are afraid of Spax. They worship Spax and they fear Spax and Spax is untouchable.
Touching him is like touching electrified Spark Plugs. No one questions the guns that he owns and no one questions the gun culture that his gun display promotes among youths.
Edgar feels proud to din with Spax. He knows everything about Spax and he goes ahead to call and organise and attend foolish national prayers while embracing Spax.
For the police to reach the extent of arresting Spax, it means enough is enough. What he has committed is too big to be protected or to be ignored.
Keeping Spax on the copper belt in police custody could have sparked uncontrollable riots because of the anger and frustration of the people.
What then apart from gassing speculations has Spax done?
What about a President who prides in promoting association with questionable characters like Findley and Spax.
Mwata Katongo should thus tell us what Spax have done and why the police are holding him.

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