Lungu and PF deliberately Blacked Out Internet Data Services in Southern Province.

On the of 20th February 2020 this year, there was no internet service in Southern province and the story that the PF government put out for public consumption was that there was a technical fault with the fibre optic cable that resulted in the interruption of services for the entire day.
Here is what we found out. Firstly, there was no fault in the fibre optic cable on that particular day and even if that were true, all services could have been routed through  an alternate F.O cable via western province which exists and is in service. Apart from all that, if there was indeed a fault affecting all networks, even Zamtel should have been down at the same time as all the other networks. As we all know, Zamtel went off a good two hours later.
The “fault” as put out by PF was just a lie (as usual) that was put out by the PF government and the delayed turning off of Zamtel was as a result of their incompetence and their failure to separate 2G, 3G and 4G Networks resulting in that time lag. They only belatedly managed to turn off their data services way after the other networks.
The bottom line, however, is that there was no fault and that the PF government deliberately ordered all networks to cut off all data services to Southern province for 24hrs. This is unprecedented in the history of this country and if we were in doubt about the country being under a criminal regime that is prepared to do anything including inconveniencing an entire province in order to conceal their evil intent, we now know better. What they didn’t want the people of southern province to see or hear only their little evil minds know, though we suspect it had to do with the ongoing gassing and the PF schemes that were behind that.
This PF government is prepared to lie to its citizenry in order to achieve their evil intent. The have even set up a group of computer hacks that carry out their instructions at ZICTA. They are led by a fellow known as Clyde Nkole. We have a lot to reveal but we will progressively do so.
Criminals always lie and the PF led government is full of them.
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