PF Government poised to release Spax after warn and caution but widow of murdered man demands justice.

When Rae Hamoonga the Deputy police spokesperson said the police have a lead to the gassing mastermind or rather have arrested the mastermind and FUNDER of the gassing saga; at the speed of light Police Inspector General Mr Kakoma Kanganja brushed that news off and warned anyone saying they have arrested the mastermind.  Within 24 hours we saw Mr Rae Hamoonga being dropped from Police PR to the TAZARA in Mpika. 
Uuhhmmmm. It’s a complicated story which is currently surviving on a thin line sooner than later the conspiracy is being broken and the truth shall be all over the media and Zambia will never be the same. 

We don’t know how gassings and ritual killings spread to the rest of the country but we know how how ot started in Lusaka.  It was Mr Mukuma of Chingola who was arrested a certain night after being found with cash and unknown chemicals which where later sent to CBU for analysis to date no one knows where those results are. 
we kept track of Mr Mukuma Mwaba as he was brought to Lusaka when the entire Chingola went up in arms searching for him. Two days later Mr Mukuma was released and 3 days later gassing drama started in Lusaka like no mans business then to the entire country. 

The police to date have never updated the nation on the whereabouts of Mr Mukuma a PF Chingola official or his case or the chemical they sent to CBU for analysis. We understand they can’t release the details of chemicals for security reasons but to what use if the situation keeps on escalating to beyond this level.  Someone tipped us that the chemical in question is RN-24 but a quick research on it did not match with the reported gassings actions going on because RN-24 reacts with Oxygen to give a glowing splint hence an exposure of RN-24 to the atmosphere is a nuclear force that explodes.  So far there is no gassings reported which is exploding.  Note that RN-24 is a gas found in the fridge and other condensation machines such as aircon and water dispensers it’s not true that it’s the one. 

 The controversy surrounding Spax is a final blow which will bury PF and everyone who has ever come closer to the drama and anyone who knows anything about this they will all be burried alive together with Spax because the man is not going down alone this he has been told and he knows it. As we speak, his whereabouts are likely to be classified and his location a restricted area or simply no visitors or contacts. The prince of Chingola will surely be accompanied by his subjects. Noushalimo akabamo. 
This is how sensitive this matter is because they managed to fool and play manyengwe on the gassing incidences covering up things and exposing sacrificial members on Spax it’s one nuclear bomb that will change the whole entire game. 
We has been monitoring Cabinet Ministers and high state delegations going to see Spax at Chilenje Police naikosa. Today we end here but just wanted to warn the police that the fate of Zambia’s peace is in their hands like it has always been now that they asked for trouble here it is they found it let’s all watch how the drama unfolds. They are  on the test of their lives how they will handle this Spax issue because releasing him just through a warn and caution Zambians will not take it lightly and the widow to the deceased is very much alive to testify.  
Zambians in certain sections are already on top of this story so we but we would like to remain resolute for now let it come from the police first. 
Who did Spax kill? Why and what happened.?
Remember the justice the widow is demanding is the justice Zambians are demanding and Spax is not going to be guilty alone. Mwafikeniko mukwai. Iyi yeve takos



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