Spax is linked to PF fat cats.

It is clear that SPAX occupies a very senior and respectable position in the PF Party. Spax is a proven criminal and his fellow criminals protect him.

We have always wondered how a street boy like Bowman Lusambo can hold a ministerial position, how a corner street fake dollar money changer Stephen Kampyngo can be a minister of home affairs. These appointments can only lead to failure in performance. No wonder the economy has failed. How does anyone expect Dr. Kalyalya (BoZ) and Kampyongo to operate at the same frequency regarding forex and related economic issues?

There is absolutely no doubt now that the PF, Lungu led Government is managed by criminals. These criminals range from absolute rogues to mere petty thieves.

Valden Findley skirts with the president and other PF party officials, SPAX dines and wines with Inonge Wina the VEEP, Kampyongo the Home Affairs minister, the chain is long.

Failure follows failure, Crime follows criminals. Spax is a criminal, Valden Findley is a criminal, Kaizer Zulu is a thief and a criminal, Chitalu Chilufya is a chief thief, Victor Mundende is a chief looter and by extension a criminal etc. The above are all the criminals that wine and dine with the PF leadership. When you look closely, the PF leadership is full of criminals just like the people they associate with.

Zambia is being ruled by criminals. Zambia is under siege by thugs. Zambians need to get back their freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom to openly support a party of their choice. These criminals have stolen all these rights from the people.

Stop PF, Stop Bill 10 through which they plan to hang onto power, Stop these criminals from further damaging the Zambian economy and our international reputation. We have only one country and one Zambia. These criminals must be stopped.

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