PF Government caught pants down over its gassing of citizens.

By Mulenga Mutale
The Zambian public can now conclusively see that we have been spot on and correct all along that the gassing and killing of citizens was a Kapyongo PF led scheme with sinister ulterior motives to implicate the opposition UPND.
We had established all along that this gassing had the blessing of President Lungu and managed by Home Affairs Minister Kapyongo and  some top police officials. All the gassing operatives were given Zambia Police uniforms and some army uniforms in the case of Spax Mulenga.
 It is just so disheartening that a sitting government  can resort to such barbaric and evil ways just to want to remain in power.To kill and gas your own people for the sake of political power is just evil and unthinkable cruelty and  inhuman to the lowest order. This is what is called scraping the bottom of the barrel.
 In a normal society,  the PF  government starting from President Lungu would all have resigned from public service. The Zambian public must demand that the whole cabinet resigns over this gassing and killing of innocent lives  if we are to retain normalcy as a country.
 Minister of Home Affairs Kapyongo and IG Kakoma must at the very least be sacked and criminally charged.
President Lungu will go down in history as the worst person to have ever occupied State house as President. The man is evil and satanic and surrounds  himself with devil worshiping Ministers who don’t hesitate to implement plans to kill the innocent Zambian people they purport to serve.
The PF regime will stop at nothing to kill its own citizens. The human  blood that has been shed by PF agents during this gassing period is now crying out to all of us as Zambian citizens to atone the sins of this PF government. We must rise up as a nation and liberate this country from the evil PF yoke.
It is saddening  to see the citizens almost cowed into submission by fear of the PF, even when their own lives are now at risk and can be eliminated anytime by the same evil PF regime. Zambians must be courageous and stand up for their liberties. Peace is not just the absence of war. It is the ability to enjoy the civil liberties and able to exercise them in a flourishing society where the government has the interest of the people and is human enough to care for all its citizens. PF does not care, they gas and kill Zambians.
The Minister of gassing Kapyongo has now got dripping  blood on his hands. His protection of Spax Mulenga at all cost is only meant to protect the PF.We all know and we had already established that Spax Mulenga was the main King pin on the copperbelt of this gassing operation.
PF Ministers are now scrambling and there are now internal fights on how to handle this criminal who has gassed and murdered many innocent Zambians.
 It is public knowledge that Spax Mulenga is very close to President Lungu and the whole entire PF leadership. He is an undercover operative for PF.
We  sincerely now call upon the entire PF government to resign.
PF has failed miserably and at the speed the country is going, a civil war is almost imminent.
You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time.
As Zambians, we will not be fooled anymore. PF represents EVIL. Zambians must now choose between evil and their country.
God has a way of vindicating people and we believe the PF and Kapyongo  have been exposed over this gassing and killing and they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.
It is game over for PF and they can’t point a their dirty blame finger at anyone anymore but at themselves.
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