Leave Our Children Out of Your Gassing Scam

The gassing act of a scheme, bank rolled by Valden Findley, planned by
Xavior Chungu, schemed across the country by Kaiser Zulu and perpetrated further by Zaelo Congolese SPAX and finally failed cover-up by Stephen Kampyongo, is the most socially worst political scam the PF has ever executed.

This scam stands out as the worst because it targeted our children. Our children must never be used as baits for political expediency. Our Children are innocent and it is selfish to cut their lives short in such a cruel manner.

Our children deserve better. They are the hope for better governance than what prevails today under the PF led government. They carry the mantle for the future for Zambia.

This is to the known, perpetrators. Zambians shall never forgive you for this criminal act. You have made the worst mistake of your lives. All of you will have to account for the crimes perpetrated through this gassing scam sooner or later. Criminal cases specifically, have a lifetime lifespan, they do not just rot away, they can only be shelved. Sooner or later you will be answerable for them.

Many people have lost their lives during this unreasonable gassing useless selfishly driven scheme. The low thinking calibre of Home affairs minister Kampyongo could neither manage to protect the citizens nor cover-up the scam at all.

Instead, Kampyongo and his cruel killing instincts, went flat out in the quest to facilitate PF to hold on onto power. But God’s watching skies said NO and stalled the plan.

As the saying goes, “ubushiku usheme, ne chimbala chilocha”. The PF gassing scam has backfired straight to their stupid scheming desk.

Leave our children alone and out of your selfishness. Life is already bad enough for them. No much outrage would have emerged off this scam had you just gassed parliament where you represent yourselves, make silly laws like bill 10 to perpetrated your stay in office, where you now just push personal agendas to secure your fat bellies.

Zambia is our home, we are going nowhere and we are home to stay. We shall therefore, protect mother Zambia from “pompwes” like yourselves. If gassing is your new art, then just gas parliament and settle your political scores there. Leave our children alone.

2 Comments on “Eastern Province Chiefs Refuse to ban UPND.”

  1. Maambo
    June 9, 2017 at 11:50 pm #

    It s unfortunate that the people who call others tribalist, are hypocrites. They themselves are real tribalist.

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  2. OneNation
    June 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm #

    Unlike Chiefs from other regions, the Eastern Chiefs have responded to this nonsense in very clear terms. One would have hoped other Chiefs would have also reprimanded their subjects when they spewed nonsense and all the mess we are in now would have been avoided. But do not add your stuff ba Watchdog – did Senior Chief Nzamane refer to the President in his reprimand of Edwin Sakala?

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