SPAX Murdered 6 Members of one Family

We now have evidence through an impeccable source that the PF cadre SPAX called Spwho happens to be Kampyongo’s operative killed an entire family of 6 people in Chingola.  Therefore SPAX should not be charged of a murder case but 6 counts of murder charges must be slapped on him. All this in the name of gassing people in order to implicate the opposition and get Lungu to go to the next election uncontested like he did in Chilubi. This young man has blood on his hands together with his accomplice Kampyongo and Kanganja.

A reliable source has told us that SPAX murdered his colleague, his colleague’s wife, both the colleagues parents and two of the colleague sisters in order to cover up the gassing scam. Kampyongo and Kanganja must resign on moral grounds for being accomplices to murders after masterminding the scheme of gassing people for the sake of power. It is true what they say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  NO wonder PF seeks to crown absolute power in their leadership through Bill 10.

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