Dora Siliya Misled the Zambians on National Lock Down due to Corona Virus

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The Zambian Minister of Misinformation, Dora Siliya, misled the nation on a no-need for a national lock down to slow down the speedily spreading corona virus. A national lock-down is necessary for Zambia too. It is utterly foolish and unreasonable to postpone a national lock-down. The current status which is being sugar coated by Chitalu Chilufya does not help the situation. Lies and propaganda are the last items that must play the gallery now. SHARE the truth. The only saviour so far from spreading the corona virus is a stay at home key. A lockdown shall facilitate slowing down of the spread.

The PF are known for laying, even MMD-Dora now has been assimilated into the laying PF rotten lot. They lied about the hunger situation until they were forced to engage into the hunger emergency; they lied about 500,000 jobs that have never come for the youths; they lied about massive infrastructural development which is proving to be a total fake, as seen from whole roads being washed away in one rainy season; they lied about $288,000 acquisition of super special ambulances per piece, these ambulances have never been delivered; they lied about grand fire tenders trucks, but instead bought wheel-burrows; the list is long.

It is not fair that the deadly corona virus disease now facing the poorly equipped nations like Zambia should not be addressed with the appropriate and proportionate response.

Zambians normally lookup to leadership not propaganda experts. There is nothing wrong with admitting that we have an extraordinary challenge which must be met with extraordinary responses. Propaganda will not save the day.

More advanced countries like South Africa, Australia, UK, etc. have gone ahead with national lock-downs. Where did Dora Siliya get her education from we wonder? Could it be that her mature age education at UNZA did not add value to her being? Where does she get the arrogance she is portraying as regards corona virus spread?

Dora must step aside and let statics rule. The spread of this virus is exponential. Zambia needs a national lock-down now. Stop laying to the dictator Dora, he has enough health problems on him right now. Stop laying to the Zambian people as well.

Zambians Please, Please, protect yourselves, stay away from all interaction points and maintain social distances whenever you have to. Stay at Home. Dora Siliya’s stance is misleading and must be trashed away into the trash cans. Self quarantine and Stay at HOME.

Stay at HOMEYou may save one more life and indeed save yourself. Ignore Dora Siliya’s advice. It is embarrassing that two cabinet ministers who went to Namibia for a social political gathering are still loitering around without being quarantined. The Zambian members of the Executive are not serious at all.

The Corona Virus pandemic is spreading and taking lives at an alarming rate. We must do all we can within our power to slow it down and hopefully eventually stop the corona virus spread.

One Comment on “Dora Siliya Misled the Zambians on National Lock Down due to Corona Virus”

  1. ZambianWatchdog
    March 27, 2020 at 11:26 am #

    So we must stay away from the streets hey….. koma Dora !


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