Archive | April, 2020

Ministry of health recruits ghost workers

Reliable sources at the Ministry of Health  have disclosed to us how Dr Chitalu Chilufya is lying to the nation that the government has sent 1500 letters to newly recruited health care providers to help boost man power during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the outbreak of the Corona virus, the PF government announced that it […]

PF’s Shameless enthusiasm in branding Corona virus: Perhaps they are one and the same…

Even in the most advanced nations with advanced existing infrastructure and monitoring capabilities, their governments are terrified of COVID-19 and everyone has put their differences aside and are fighting it tooth and nail to save lives. To the contrary, in Zambia the ruling party has seized the opportunity to promote it’s image in tandem with […]

Bowman Lusambo goes on Rampage

Lusaka Province Minister and self-confessed boot licker No.1 to ECL Bowman an Lusambo has gone on rampage taking turns patrolling the streets of Lusaka city and its environs enforcing COVID19 guidelines in the quest to combat it. This is worse than lumpen-ism. Bowman is going around having little or no class of solidarity. Lusambo has […]

Loot Master Where are the 258,000 dollars each ambulances ??

Chitalu Chilufya is a Corrupt Murderer.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya instigated the killing of two Anti Corruption officials who were handling his corruption cases. Both officials died in a short space of time and in strange circumstances. Chitalu systematically eliminated the forthright ACC officials in his quest to uproot the evidence linking him to the corruption acts and bury it […]