Due to PF’S carelessness, Zambia will fight COVID-19 with bare hands.

We have a crisis as a nation on how we handle the deadly COVID-19 outbreak in Zambia.
The fact that we now have 36 cases mainly in Lusaka Province doesn’t signifies that Zambia has just a few cases. The problem we have here is lack of resources by the PF government to do massive testing and be able get a handle on this deadly virus as soon as possible.
Last week on Wednesday, 26 March 2020, I called on the government of Zambia to be honest with the Zambian people and tell the nation whether the country’s leadership had done all necessary preparations to fight this insidious virus.
And on Thursday, President Edgar Lungu addressed the nation, further informing the public that the country had now over 20 cases publicly confirmed.
On Friday, the same week, Mr Lungu addressed a few key cabinet ministers to plan how to intensify the measures and how to respond to this virus and during the cabinet meeting. Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu openly told his leader and team that our coffers and national reserves are totally dry, therefore, the government doesn’t have money to go into total lock down which many nations have opted for in order to stop the rapid spread of the virus.
First and foremost, I want to thank the Minister of Finance for being honest to the Zambian people. This is how leaders should address their citizens so that every citizen is aware of the issues and where the nation stands..
May I also thank the PF leader Mr Lungu for facing the reality that our coffers are dry and we have borrowed beyond the debt ceiling to the point where nobody can lend us money anymore even now during this world crisis.
Now, how did we get to this point as a nation of having nothing in the coffers even for emergencies? The answer is quite simple. It is due to PF government’s failures and lack of commitment to serving citizens’ interest.
Zambia has lost a lot of billions of dollars in various corrupt activities that are all pointing at the current corrupt and incompetent regime. We have been seeing huge amounts of money disappear since 2015 to date in the auditor general’s report and there has been no action by those so called in charge of the country simply because the main culprits are top government officials.
We have seen money disappearing through the illegal trading of Mukula trees to China. We have also seen money disappearing through inflated figures in the procurement processes such as the acquisition of the fire tenders that saw the culprits walk away with our $42 million dollars.
We have seen money disappearing through induced by-elections that the current government wants to win at all cost by bribing citizens with all sorts of gifts.
We have also seen money being wasted by the government to fight their political opponents and their critics.
Fellow citizens, it is this carelessness that has seen our coffers go dry and here we are as a nation trying to fight COVID-19 with our bare hands.
The PF government have lacked political will in everything they have done except when it serves their personal interests.  They don’t care about everything that happens and they continue forgetting that they are in those offices to serve the 17 million Zambians.
Covid-19 is bigger than we think and if this despotic PF government continues to behave in a cavalier manner, it will decimate most of our population. The virus is incubating right now, and the time it will be out we shall just see people dropping like flies. People take care of yourselves and your children please.
The is not the time for government to be giving stupid excuses that there is no money. This is the time to suspend all none essential activities such as sponsoring the foolish Bill 10 and save lives.
If it means us selling the presidential jet in order for us to raise the money, let us do so as soon as possible because we won’t manage to curb the virus when it reaches its peak.
The government has been spending recklessly in procuring military equipment that we can’t use now to fight Covid-19. Those millions used to procure tones of teargases could have been channeled into our health sector so that we could now save lives.
This mess we are in was created by the PF government and they should clean it up as soon as possible because lives of citizens are at risk.
I am still appealing to the PF government under Mr Lungu to shut down all the borders. Our economy died a long time ago due to lack of quality leadership to do the right thing and arguing that closing borders would destroy our economy doesn’t make sense at all.
The claims by Information Minister Dora Siliya that our economy is going to take time to recover due to the COVID-19  is so disappointing and lacks honesty by PF leaders.
These are claims to hide the mess that the incompetent PF government has created. But Zambians are watching every day and they have indeed learnt the hard way. I pray next year everyone will make a wise decision in electing wise leaders to govern our great country, Zambia.
Sikaile Sikaile
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