Lubinda and PF are Lying that Bill 10 favours Youths, Disabled and Women in Governance.

According to an Editorial Comment by The Mast Newspaper, dated 24th, March 2020, Justice minister Given Lubinda is urging all cabinet ministers to go flat out and educate citizens about the good things in this ill conceived piece of legislation called Bill 10.
The sole purpose of Bill 10 is to re-introduce a one party state in Zambia as it will give the President more power to make decisions.
Lubinda went on claiming that Bill 10 is aimed at giving the disabled, youths and women more representations in governance.
The Patriotic Front government through Given Lubinda should stop telling lies. These are all lies that Lubinda is trying to feed citizens with. This bill has nothing good for this nation. All its content are meant to enrich ( PF) leaders not even their general and membership will benefit even if this Bill 10 was to go through.
Lubinda’s lies exposes him of how much he lacks understanding of the Constitution of Zambia which mostly our curriculum from primary school touches especially in social sciences like Social studies, history and civic education that some of us took from primary to tertiary education.
The first time I learnt about youths, disabled and women’s rights and benefits in our governance was in grade five in what we use to call social and development studies. These benefits Lubinda is ranting about in Bill 10 that some of us can’t see are there even in the old constitution but they have been ignored by our politicians.
Grade Eight and Nine Civics, we were taught about these benefits including gender equality for our women in governance.
When I went to high school, the same things were taught to us in civic education where we learnt about things that disadvantages women taking part in governance issues.
In the 2016 amended constitution signed by PF leader President Edgar Lungu, these benefits are there. Now what benefits is Lubinda claiming to be contained in Bill 10 other than PF illegalities?
Our women and  youths after learning about these benefits in the recent years, they have tried to take part in our governance but the PF government has made it very difficult for youths and women to freely take part in our politics due to the PF sponsored political violence which has seen others losing their lives.
In case Lubinda has a short memory, which is common in PF government, Matapa Glayzia, Lawrence Banda,  Mapenzi Chibulo, Mukonka Malesu and many others all died at the hand of  the PF government for simply trying to excercise these rights as youths.
Just this year,  we saw two opposition UPND women leaders from Western Province of Zambia being gunned down for simply trying to exercise these rights by well known people in the current regime.
I am one of the youths who have tried to express and exercise my democratic rights in Zambia by trying to promote Good Governance and Human Rights Activism, but look at what the same PF government is doing to me! They are busy intimidating me as though I am a gasser or the owner of those 58 miracle houses.
There are a million youths today who are not happy with this government but they can’t talk for fear of being victimized by the PF government.
About the disabled. Lubinda and PF should be ashamed to claim Bill 10 will favour the disabled. These citizens are well catered for in the old and amended constitution of Zambia. But how will PF honour these fake promises using Bill 10 when they stole the money for our disabled brothers and sisters?
I was very much disappointed when PF hired and abused  these citizens to go and protest at the UPND leader’s residence after the UPND MPs walked out of Parliament in protest against Bill 10. How I wish those people protested when the PF government facilitated the stealing of their money that was given to them by donors.
I am reliably informed that PF eyes are not even on COVID-19 but making sure Bill 10 goes through at all cost.
I therefore want to warn all donors who may wish to aid Zambia in fighting COVID-19 to be very careful and follow up on how their money will be used because PF is budgeting for Bill 10 and not real issues affecting Zambians such as COVID-19.
But my advice to Lubinda and all those behind Bill 10 is that; the people who support bad laws are always the first victims.
Even if this ill conceived piece of legislation was to go through today, some of you won’t even benefit from it, instead it will deal with you more than the intended enemies of PF.
I understand that in the few days or years to come, some of you may wish to have presidential aspirations but do you think this Bill 10 will give you a favorable platform to exercise your rights? Think twice guys, political power is tricky and God is above any thought. You may advocate for it and God takes you away even before you think of implementing it. Have fear on certain issues PF.
What Lubinda should have told Zambians here is that Bill10 is a project to eliminate one individual in Hakainde Hichilema from the 2021 race.
This is evident from the comment Mr Tutwa Ngulube made on his Facebook page before the sittings were adjourned indefinitely after PF failed to garner the two-thirds majority to pass Bill 10. According to Ngulube ” that it was done and that guy had lost the battle”.
Even in 2016, PF made the same mistake, they signed the constitution amendment with a hope of disadvantaging an individual in HH who had consistently told Zambians that if they vote for him, he would give them a new constitution.
Again, PF did not realize that the contents were disadvantaging them more as they all favoured citizens than politicians. This is why they have come back with this nonsense Bill 10 today which is a PF law and not for the Zambian people.
Honestly speaking, how do we amend or change a Constitution of Zambia just to fight an individual citizen out of the 17 million plus citizens is the question I ask all PF leaders to genuinely answer.
Sikaile Sikaile
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