Zambia – COVID-19 Numbers are Under- Reported

Even for a decent cause such as reporting on COVID-19, PF led government has once again failed Zambians. The dangers surrounding COVID-19 are obvious but this clueless government does not seen to realise that. Therefore, failure to report on this dangerous disease adequately and correctly is dangerous and can prove to be catastrophic. The PF led Government has no moral sense and can never do anything right even in a situation like this.

Firstly, the number of testing laboratories that have the right equipment are less than 3 and they have 1 machine each. Each one of these machines takes in about 50 samples at a time and each cycle takes 8 hours to process them and get results. So if the 3 machines are fully loaded with test samples and there are three shifts in a day each machine can only process 150 samples at most. For 3 machines therefore 450 samples each day.

If this Pandemic reaches its projected fully blown destructive maturity then we can safely say that thanks to the incompetence of the PF government, we are woefully ill prepared and we better hold to our seat belts because we will be in for a very rough ride. For the level of threat this disease poses, it would be fair to say that we have no capacity to even scratch the surface. This disease could spread like wild fire unabated. Zambia has no capacity to test for COVID-19, let alone manage the patients from the virus attacks.

The non-existent of measures to eliminate social interactions is a major concern. The leadership has not come up with a definitive guide on this. The town centre crowding in all cities and towns including other social mingling points and market places has continued as though the eminent danger of COVID-19 did not exist. This government has failed the people and has no muscle to manage anything positive save harassing persons with divergent views.

The armoured vehicles purchased recently should be unveiled now and not wait for 2021 so that crowds can be dispersed. Troops that are readily available and are usually unleashed on opposition party leaders and independent media houses must be released now. PF has neither reacted positively to the pandemic nor do they understand the consequences of COVID19 if we were to have a fully blown pandemic in our cities and towns.

The KK International Airport is still open to normal traffic. This should have been restricted to essential flights of services and goods only. But alas, Lungu lays safely on his sick bed without moving a muscle to lead the nation. Old Mrs Wina is just like an empty tin making noise at DMMU. She is literally lost and her influence has yielded absolutely nothing regarding slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

Can Chitalu Chilufya come out in the open and be frank with the people of Zambia as he tries to access the $ 12 Billion availed by the World Bank on mitigating COVID19 in economically ailing nations like Zambia. Please for once, do the right thing and in the right way. Report correctly regarding the limitations this nation has, regarding the preparedness or lack of it for tackling the pandemic once cases start mounting. For once we call on the PF led government to act with a non-criminally oriented mind. Let them go against their DNA of stealing, mismanagement and incompetence and attend to the COVID19 pandemic.

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