President Michael Sata was right to Degazette chief Chitimukulu

This country is each and every day skidding into the mud that none of us may be able to clean. This tribal hate speech some people think is right to executing on others will one day produce fruits that will be unpalatable even to those who think they are on the best side of the political divide.
Last week I exposed the internal fighting within PF government where camps have emerged such as the Northern and Luapula camps pressuring Mr Lungu to be replaced by a Bemba.
Through state house sources, I was briefed on the pressure president Edgar Lungu is receiving from these camps that want the next PF leader to come from there or PF splits into various camps.
Some of you even dismissed this information, but at Least you have seen and heard for yourselves from the horses mouth Chief Chitimukulu remarks that Bembas should provide a next president for Zambia.
It is due to this regressive thinking capacity by people that should be uniting the nation that we find ourselves in this predicament of poor and appalling leadership as a country.
Some people would rather see this country become a wastland of a  state beyond repair, as long as their tribesmen are ruling. What sort of reasoning is this?
Why is there this self hate as we are all Zambians? Why have we allowed the devil to rule Zambia? We need to face the reality that Zambia needs a leader not based on their tribes, but their individual ability and capacity to provide the country with reputable leadership that will be able to save all 73 tribes of Zambia.
Some of you hate this country so much through your conduct. In 2015, president Edgar Lungu made it very clear to each one of us that he has no vision for governing a country like Zambia, but you overlooked that fact and went on to endorse him because of regionalism and here we are today, suffering together as Zambians. That is clearly the result of not thinking straight as citizens.
We need to be above this petty thinking if we are to develop this country.
Personally, I’m not surprised with Chief Chitimukulu’s remarks when he featured on radio Mano station yesterday where he claimed Bembas are the determinants for who rules Zambia. Much as we respect our traditional leaders, this sort of talk is a big insult to million of Zambians. He has, for a while now, been pushing for these tribaly aligned successions in national leadership and this is not the first time he has uttered a statement like this. Some credible traditional leaders from the his own tribe, the Bembas have cautioned him, but he continues on this destructive trajectory.
It is very unfortunate to have such senior citizens who cannot speak unity but rather choose to be divisive when our nation has suffered tribal ridicule engineered by the PF government to date embarked on an agenda to flash out and discriminate citizens from certain regions.
What Chief Chitimukulu did not mention and neglected to explain or he doesn’t understand is that a lot of people from all the different regions of the country suffered for it in order to see it where it is today. Some regions even sacrificed their wealth such as animals just to see to it that all Zambians becomes free from colonialism.
Now, since he is suggesting that Bembas who compose 21% of the population of Zambia should determine who rules this country, what about those who equally sacrificed to liberate this country, where shall we put them in the pecking order of things if we start acting in that selfish manner like he is doing?
At his age, he was supposed to have been in the forefront of denouncing the PF’s wicked government for discriminating against other tribes in this country. He was supposed to educate us the young ones about a united Zambia, but it is so sad that today, we are left with no option but educate him on what type of Zambia we long for as young people in this country.
Just this week some people got retired by president Edgar Lungu for the crime of simply coming from regions he deems not to be part of Zambia because if Edgar Lungu and PF knew that Zambia has ten provinces they would not have been treating other tribes  like they are doing in their wicked and current corrupt government.
The PF government under Mr Lungu has planted a bad seed in this country; a seed  of hatred that will only take a selfless and unifying leader to clean up and bring the nation together and as things stand nobody in PF government has this capacity. Look at the institutionalized tribalism and you expect Zambia to develop? God forbid!
Anyone who thinks they will govern this country on tribal ground, they should keep it in their minds that they shall terribly fail just like we have seen PF fail under Edgar Lungu.
The country doesn’t need a tribe, but rather someone who will unite the country, bring all tribes to work together as one people. In this country we are interdependent and intermarried, but to see PF and Chief Chitimukulu taking this route of dividing the country in their divide and rule evil scheme. It is really shameful.
I’m wondering what he ( Chitimukulu) in his eleventh hour is teaching his grandchildren and great grandchildren with such thinking. One can predict what type of citizens he is going to leave in his palace and how they are going to look at other Zambians since they are perceived king makers in Zambia.
Zambia is for everyone, and no one should feel to be more important than the other. Who so ever qualifies to govern should feel free and participate in the politics of the country irrespective of one’s tribe or region.
The way others sacrificed their wealth to liberate certain the entire Zambia,  should be the same way we need to treat everyone who wants to be the president of Zambia.
What Chitimukulu is doing is a clear indication of why the late Michael Sata decided to degazette him. Chief Chitimukulu is a danger to this nation akin to the PF government and their cadres terrorizing their own citizens. Zambians should not expect the PF government to reprimanding him because they all belong to the same whatsapp group of tribalism.
Recently, the country witnessed tribal statements in Chilubi constituency by PF senior leaders and the humble man Mr Lungu just smiled at the remarks simply because he is who he is today because of tribalism and political violence.
Sikaile Sikaile
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