Chitalu Chilufya is a Corrupt Murderer.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya instigated the killing of two Anti Corruption officials who were handling his corruption cases. Both officials died in a short space of time and in strange circumstances.

Chitalu systematically eliminated the forthright ACC officials in his quest to uproot the evidence linking him to the corruption acts and bury it away together with ACC officials he ensured were no more.

But facts painting Chitalu Chilufya as a thief still remain. He shall therefore shall one day have to be accountable for them as criminal cases such as these can only be buried but for a season. Chitalu Chilufya will one day account for his stealing and greed.

This man is not much different from now infamous SPAX and his gangster Mining setup. They are both murderers. The education he attained did not help him to be a better person nor to be a good administrator. As a General Practitioner, it is well known he used to go round collecting money from patients at UTH who didn’t need to pay for the health services rendered at all.

When this Minister of Health first addressed the nation on the COVID19 status, he was sweating profusely. The man was on that day very anxious, scared, insecure and altogether guilty. He was due to appear at the ACC before the officials that are now dead, for interrogation. That is the time he should have been sacked for his misuse of the public purse and corruption.

Sadly due to a rather pathetic and toothless leadership that is itself corrupt,  Chitalu Chilufya has been prancing around scot free to the point where he has now done the unimaginable. He has eliminated perhaps two of the only truthful officials left at the ACC who happened to be handling his corruption cases.

This corrupt fat cat has now become a murderer as well just so that he can maintain his position in power. Zambians being ruled by murderers such as this current Minister of Health who is both a corrupt thief and has now become a murderer, perhaps not for the first time.

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