Bowman Lusambo goes on Rampage

Bowman 4Lusaka Province Minister and self-confessed boot licker No.1 to ECL Bowman an Lusambo has gone on rampage taking turns patrolling the streets of Lusaka city and its environs enforcing COVID19 guidelines in the quest to combat it.

This is worse than lumpen-ism. Bowman is going around having little or no class of solidarity. Lusambo has no capacity to sit down and write out a well thought out implementation plan for the appropriate officials to expedite the guidelines. Instead both Cadre 1 and boot licker 1 is running  around like experimental  control mice on the streets of Lusaka trying to implement guidelines to combat COVID19.

Bowman 3

That task should be left for the wings of the security and

or the health services workers. With an appropriate mandate to do so. All they need is a document from the three Lusambo, Kampyongo and clown chitalu. But who among them can think to do so …. ??

All they are thinking of is how to loot the next allocation of resources towards COVID19.

The army, Zambia Police, Health Workers, RATSA officials could all be mobilised to implement the procedure country wide.

Alas under ECL, this is considered as work. This is not work for a minister for heavens sake, this is both lack of strategy and planning.

It is sheer waste of time by a whole minister and indeed the commuters.  Bowman alone can not manage to police Lusaka. Perhaps ECL should consider Bowman for Lusaka  Provincial Police Reservist Commander. See in the video below  how he is doing it!!! What a shame ba minister

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