The notion that Lungu is christian is fading as the exit door Looms

The cosmetic political branding of President Edgar Lungu as the most God fearing politician in Zambia has faded away as citizens’ eyes open to see clearly that this man is running a government of liars.
Analyzing the Friday presidential address by Mr Lungu when he gave a directive to re-open churches in the middle of increasing numbers of Corona virus cases, the backlash from citizens sent a warning signal to PF that citizens are no longer buying the fake religious branding. We have seen him abusing religion in Zambia to an extent of calling for staged  prayers to cover all evil activities involving the PF government.
But we warned them before that one day God will deal with them for abusing His name and the time has come. Confusion has become the order of the day in PF. There is serious trouble, no coordination at all. The entire PF leadership is stressed out by their own failures. The spirit of confusion has become their daily bread. Some decisions they make, are laughable and one can question whether something up stairs is still ok or not.
Mr Lungu has been living a fake life of pretending to be the most holy man in this nation yet his deeds and that of his entire PF government have been evil.
We have seen rampant corruption, political violence, tribalism, abuse of human rights and the whittling away of democratic values and now he wants God to bless him. God doesn’t operate like that Sir; He is a God of order and when He wants to punish wicked men, He takes away their wisdom so that even a kid can deduce that something is wrong here.
The reaction citizens gave Mr Lungu for attempting to re-open churches in his bid to gain political mileage, is a clear indication that Zambians will not tolerate any fake religious masks come 2021. It will be about what PF has done in their 10 years rule. Unless they are deaf and dumb, the PF are very much aware of this fact. According to latest intelligence reports I have, the PF know that citizens have lost confidence in them, and this is why they are planning all sorts of evil things to rig the elections next year.
Intelligence reports further show that PF risks to be booted out of power through figures that will come from their perceived strongholds and after realizing this mess, PF have already started setting up rigging bases in their so called strongholds.
Opposition political parties have a huge responsibilities on behalf of the people if they are to overcome. Next year’s elections will be nasty, as money will be used to bribe weak minded oppositions members. It will be force, violence and money elections. Therefore the opposition needs to plan effectively and be vigilant at all times.
This is why I have been warning all serious opposition leaders to work very hard. These people are not going to let power go just like that.
There is an urgent need for collective responsibility and engaging all citizens in their limited capacities such as vote protection at every single polling station. That is the only way to retire tin pot dictators.
My sincere advice to Mr Lungu, I know you have employed some one specifically to read my publications everyday, a thing I appreciate you for at least you have created a job for at least one person, but for your own benefit Sir, begin to make peace with the Zambian people because your time is up.
Whether you like it or not, you and the entire corrupt and dictatorial PF government must go next year. Zambians are very ready to retire you after you have destroyed the nation.
Just comply with the laws of Zambia and do the right thing. We will not allow you and PF to shed any innocent blood; respect citizens’ decision next year.
I am calling upon all donor nations and stakeholders to take these concerns seriously to ensure that there is no loss of any life during the general elections.
Let the will of the Zambian people prevail and indeed their will shall prevail. God bless Zambia.
Sikaile Sikaile
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