If Lungu was a leader, Ian Mutambo would not have died like that.

Edgar Lungu is a comedian, but his comedy is very dangerous because he plays with people’s lives. And he must know that one day the law will find its rightful place in Zambia.
On Saturday, May 2nd, a Power Tools bus from Zambezi was involved in a road traffic accident which claimed some lives. And Sunday afternoon, the country learnt with sadness and dismay that one of the victims was a health worker, a Mr Ian Mutambo who was on duty bringing COVID-19 samples to Lusaka using public transport.
The corrupt Chitalu Chilufya without shame justified this foolish action by his administration to use public transport as normal because other health workers were doing the same. Within a shortest time, President Edgar Lungu issued a statement and told the country that investigations will be instituted to find out the cause.
It is regrettable to learn that this rhetorical hallucination came from someone who calls himself a president of Zambia. When has Mr Lungu turned to be a responsible person on national issues? In case he has forgotten his flip flops, let me remind him of a few critical issues were he has failed to provide sound leadership.
To begin with, Mr Lungu, what investigations did you do on an accident involving 21 Kamfinsa recruits which happened on 30th March 2013? What ministerial position were you occupying then? I think there is no need to remind you.
This accident was due to the PF government negligence as established by our investigation team and files obtained from Ministry of Home Affairs. You gave these citizens promises that govt will do something for them. It is now seven years down the line and nothing has happened yet. The sad part is that we have further established that two of the injured victims have since died.
These were police recruits from Mobile Unit who were coming from Kamfinsa Training School going for a route march to Luanshya turn off and they  were involved in a RTA and Hon Kampyongo who happened to be the Deputy Minister then under the PF government told the nation that they were going to take care of the victims but to date nothing has been forthcoming  for the victims from this pathetic PF government.
Mr Lungu, why has there been nothing done for those that had serious injuries? These surviving victims that are living in pain were on national duty.
On July 4th 2013, the country witnessed the Kampasa killings in Chongwe and you were  Home Affairs Minister when two men were killed by ZNS officers. The so called investigation came to nought.
Do you also remember Davis Chama’s shooting of  people in Mulobezi and then accusing the opposition of attacking him? This was proved not to be true. What investigations did you do Mr Lungu and where is Chama today if not a minister in your corrupt government?
What about the killings of Mapenzi, Vespers, Mukonka, Matapa, Obed Bwalya, Lawrence Banda, the ZAF officer and many others? What investigations has Edgar Lungu done fellow citizens?
So, this is why I am saying, he is a dangerous comedian busy playing with people’s lives in this country without shame as though he is at a comedy festival. It probably would be amusing if it did not involve the lives of people. Lungu enjoys seeing blood shed on our land; it is Christmas for him when this happens.
What is so different with Ian Mutambo’s death which was facilitated by Lungu’s corrupt government?
Had it not been for the appetite for corruption PF have, the young lab tech wouldn’t have died. He is talking of instituting an investigation over the accident involving a biomedical technician when he works with the some people who participated in previous killings and shielded them.
Lungu is not a leader Zambians can bank on. President Michael Sata left us problems; I don’t know how he was appointing such people as ministers.
Let Lungu not provoke the people of Zambia claiming he will institute investigations in the death of this health worker. His hands are tied up with corruption, injustice and stained with blood of innocent citizens.
We only hope those who shall take over power by God’s grace will answer all these questions we keep asking on behalf of citizens who are scared to voice out. From 2013 to date, people have died in Zambia and on no single day Lungu has taken serious measures to bring the culprits to book even when he knows who they are. In reputable countries, Chitalu Chilufya would have been fired by now for negligence. But how can Lungu fire him when he (Lungu) is protecting Chitalu Chilufya from being probed by ACC.
We had the gassing period early this year, what leadership did he provide? Nothing at all. It took citizens to rise to the occasion and in the end we lost many more innocent lives in mob justice and Lungu was in State House enjoying wine bought by tax payers’ money.
I look forward to a day when I will face Edgar Lungu and his ministers one on one in a reputable court of law so that they can answer thousands of questions I have for them.
My warning goes to all those in key public institutions who are failing to provide the nation with answers on these serious issues that one day, the law will visit you and you shall be compelled to compensate all these victims and their families with your personal moneys for failing to do your job.
If you don’t agree with what Lungu is doing to this country, resign. Otherwise, the fact that you are holding on to that position and aiding Lungu, you will be held responsible as well.
Sikaile Sikaile
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