ZED-Where are the Scientists and Mathematicians?

Zambia has enough qualified medical experts who include professors, PhD and Masters degree holders, medical doctors, chemists, biologists, Agriculturalists and even mathematicians etc.

Why are they all silent when a known failure of General medical Practitioner Chitalu Chilufya is fluffing around with the this dangerous viral disease he cannot comprehend and whose pattern and statistics he cannot understand?

It’s high time for right people to stand up for the right reasons. It’s time to awaken and take the limelight on COVID19. Madagascar has scored what we think and have heard is a solution. Why are we not talking about it? Zambia is deafeningly quiet over this discovery. Where the hell are the so called experts?

This failed general practitioner Chilufya is taking the limelight with fake COVID19 data as is he knows what he is doing. Chilufya is nothing but a thief. At the moment he is not seeing corona Virus but is just busy trying to see how best to siphon the donated COVID19 funds for himself.

He has gone to the extent of refusing to receipt donations as if they are meant for his own domestic consumption. He literally collects cash and does not in turn offer official acknowledgement on a the bulk of funds donated by Zambian businessmen and other well donors so far. How pathetic.

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