Lungu is banking on tribalism, corruption, crookedness and  violence to win 2021 elections.

The Patriotic Front (PF) 2018 and beyond 2021 strategic planning clearly shows that the only thing PF is banking on is tribalism, corruption and violence to win the next elections.
Judging from events that have been going on in the country ranging from the security threats like gassing, corrupting of opposition officials and tribal remarks, one can predict PF’s 2021 cheap campaign message. The continued tribal remarks against other tribes by PF leaders shows that Lungu is banking on divide and rule tactics.
The ongoing abuse of public resources, as PF mobilizes enough money to bribe people in strategically positioned areas is a clear indication of their rigging schemes.
The political violence and arming of PF thugs with military weapons and uniforms all testify that they cannot win any credible election in this country without intimidation and stealing of votes like they did in 2015 and 2016. Lungu and his government know how much damage they have caused to this nation and the only way they can escape punishment is by abusing public institutions in order to secure their stay in office. Some would even wish to die while in office so that from their offices they go direct to the grave yard than facing the laws of Zambia for abuse of office.
PF have realized that citizens are upset with them and everyone is calling for elections in the country because there is nothing sensible they are doing to help citizens. Even Lungu knows how upset citizens are with his corrupt PF government. He now blocks anyone who questions his leadership on Facebook. This is an indication that he has no idea of what our nation is going through apart burying his snout in stealing our resources and auctioning them to China.
People have learnt how much it cost their lives to be governed by visionless people like Edgar Lungu who is a blind man leading a government of try and error. And I can assure Lungu and PF that no matter what they want to do in 2021, Zambians will not allow Esau Chulu to determine a President of Zambia again. The hunger and all evil things that PF has been engineering have brought so much suffering and citizens want change at all costs. It’s only them who are enjoying because they are thieves eating from where they did not plant.
Even those who believed in PF are now telling us that they also want change because there is too much incompetence in PF. Lungu and PF are very much aware of the recent intelligence report which shows that their future is on the red line. They have nothing to offer voters for them to seek re-election and this is why they can wake up and start insulting other tribes thinking it will improve their popularity.
State House sources have also disclosed to us that Lungu has directed his party to use COVID-19 restrictions to mobilize as the opposition have been told to wait for clearance.
State House sources have further disclosed that PF are mobilizing a lot of money to make sure they bribe people next year. The sources have narrated that there will be flashing of money next year and this loadshedding, high mealie meal prices and fuel prices will all be reduced temporally and PF will claim that they are a listening government just to hoodwink some gullible citizens. Our appeal to the people of Zambia is that get the money but do the right thing during voting. Let there be no  amount of bribe nor intimidations for Lungu to continue damaging this country as though it is his personal property.
It is really difficult to understand why Lungu and PF want to continue presiding over this country when they have lamentably failed Zambians after adopting corruption as their new party manifesto.
Lungu is the one who uses his ministers and members to spit the vicious tribal remarks, therefore, the first person who should be held accountable after any tribal remarks are uttered is Edgar Lungu who glorify it by hiding behind the camera.
If Lungu is not Zambian, let him not divide us please. The damage he has caused to our country is huge and we don’t want more division among us.
I am encouraging all young people in this country to vote against Edgar Lungu and the PF government next year for their own benefit. Get NRCs and voters cards that’s your weapon and teach these thieves a bitter lesson. They don’t care about the future of young people at all. They only want to use youths in political violence when their children like Tasila Lungu are busy making billions of dollars by selling our Mukula tree to China in conjunction with Lubinda, Kapata and Lungu himself.
Wake up youths and don’t listen to this nonsense of tribalism. When they are sharing money they don’t look at tribes, but when it comes to votes they want to use you to achieve their evil schemes of divide and rule. You shall die poor if you don’t use your brains properly next year. We are dealing with sophisticated thieves who can do anything just to remain in power. Therefore, we need to remove them with a big margin.
Next year should be the year to start re-build Zambia and it needs every citizen’s participation. Uniting will enable us citizens chase these thieves and install the rule of law, accountability and democracy in Zambia once again.
Sikaile Sikaile
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