PF Seek to Arrest HH for Treason

There is a big conspiracy going on right now to try and frame boss for importing weapons into the country. This is based on information i can confirm i have been seeing. To be honest, in my own mind i feel PF is arming some group to maybe keep power or kill opposition members during campaign.

The issue is that a guy named Rike, a former member of the UPND security team in Livingstone and an ally of Rev. Sikwela who also jointly runs a security company in Livingstone had reported to Vice President Wina that HH and the UPND were importing weapons from Angola through kalabo. These weapons are said to be coming in with the help of some security officers in the area and are coming by boat under cover of the now flooded zambezi river usually in the evenings. The weapons are said to include General Purpose Machine guns known as GPMGs, assault riffles, and others unknown. The weapons are being connected to a farm in Monze belonging to some coloureds who are strong UPND members where its believed some are being hidden.

Now when Wina got the info she gave OP to investigate quietly which has backfired as the investigations are finding links to these weapons by senior PF officials including Davis Chama the defense minister. Im told this Rike guy also alerted Chama on this information and he was told to stay away coz security wings were handling the matter when at the time no one was dealing with it.

Now what is happening is after Wina gave OP and they found nothing connecting UPND but PF, the Deputy DG for OP Sikazwe, who is a known PF cadre usually found before covid19 having lunch with Davis Mwila PF SG at Pamodzi in Rhodespark near Herbert Young off church road, has been pushing that its linked to UPND and accuse HH to get him arrested for treason and use the weapons as evidence in order to look relevant to helping the party.( ask any OP officer in Lusaka about Sikazwe, he is a tribalist cadre and not a professional) Its like within pf some people like Wina and Rike are not aware of what others are doing That’s why she reported. Infact there is a guy in Kalabo whose name im yet to find out who has been seeing these weapons and has been briefing these people. Let them know before these guys decide to do something foolish but if i get anything else I will alert.

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