Bill 10 A Poison for Zambia

Desperate individuals are pushing for Bill 10 to try and hold onto power. Bill 10 and Lungu’s non eligeability to contend the 2021 elections for the third term and hold office for the third time against the Constitution standing are a compound scum amidst the PF.

Bill 10 a mess. UPND MPs and several other well meaning Zambians are fighting on. We pray for them that leaches die off the Zambian national resources

Bill 10 eliminates surrender of power to the Speaker when an election is contested.

Bill 10 brings back a cluster of useless, expensive deputy Ministers for political expediency

Bill 10 allows minority loser parties to join forces post elections and form government. This is against the majoritarian Zambian agenda. This is simply hijack of the presidency

Bill 10 is worse than the current constitution with all it’s lacunas.

But PF is desperate. Want to ensure bill 10 is adopted at all cost despite

Bill 10 intends to stand in the way of justice. Bill 10 must be stopped. UPND MPs and well meaning PF MPs for once, stand for the people you represent and not yourselves.

Coleation minority Government in office

Gassing citizens

High Mealie Meal Cost

High Fuel Costs

No meal allowances for students

Exorbitant Fire Tender procurment at US$1,000,000 each

Un delivered ambulances but procured at US $288,000 each

Zambia has become a laughing joke of a nation under the PF regime.

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