Lungu has Lamentably Failed

By all standards and against any scales of measure, it is time to admit that Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has failed Zambia. Chagwa has failed the Zambian people after they offered him two terms of leadership.

While still un excusable, the first 1.7 years of his first term may just be as he declared his visionless stance. It will soon be 4 years into the second term and Chagwa has not done anything different to curb the tumbling Zambian economy.

Lungu’s greatest failure is to deal with the two major cancers of his reign; corruption amidst his executive him  included plus other affiliates and his disastrous alcoholic fall for his bottle. The man has no chance to think, all he does is sink into his drinking and drawn the Zambian economy along.

Lungu has literally let go the economy to take a downwards trend in free fall mode. The dollar towering at an ever unimaginable K18, the price of mealie meal in an unprecedented range of K130-K200, the the price of fuel well over K15 per litter, the crazy unemployment rates despite contraindications from the Lungu promises.

The poor performing Zambian economy did not come to this phase by accident. It has been via the chagwanomics matrix. An economy cannot perform well while leached to draconian laws promoting thefts of public resources, muzzling the press, oppression of opposition political parties, promotion of anarch through cadre employment schemes.

Let it be said here that Lungu has failed. There is no miracle he can apply to turnaround the economy even if another 5 years were granted to him. He he will have wasted 6.7 years already come 2021. It would be utterly stupid to employ a sand-head-burying act for the PF to present Lungu as a presidential candidate in 2021.

Lungu has failed. No other description simply described his performance. Zambia has lost large sums of money mismanagement. One standing out is the FIC revealed loss of over $420 Million through corruption. The revenue collection performance through ZRA is just appalling now. Kalyalya at BoZ is teethless in this equation.

Even prophetic Haabazoka must now understand that, economics at whatever level, PhD whether by fluke or otherwise, does not give a poor chibolya family hope unless it delivers affordable food to the table.

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