Antonio – No Vision on Debt

By Samuel Mwenda, non political citizen.

UNZA has a wide range of graduates useful ones and useless ones. UNZA has produced many graduates who have done grand things in the world today. So Antonio Mwanza should not bundle all UNZA graduates in bracket of limited thinking. Knowledge is continually gained by those willing to learn even beyond UNZA knowledge.

The challenge with Antonio’s utterences nowadays is two fold, it is all packaged in ignorance and arrogance. Ignorance and arrogance are a deadly combination, they detail the inability of an individual to curb sense from nonsense. Antonio is now trapped in that. Just listen to him speak.

The first bachelor’s degree of any emphasis, just gives one a platform to explore more knowledge in the area of interest. It does not contain all the knowledge there is to know about a subject.

If HH says he has the ability to restructure the national debt, who is Antonio to limit HH’s research on what it entails to restructure the debt? If HH has gained more knowledge than Antonio, whose problem is that?

Antonio should accept that he has reached both his level of incompetence and has no more ability to spark on the Zambian politics arena like he did in the recent past. Ever since he joined the dying PF his utterences are retrogressive.

Sorry Antonio Mwanza, your time is up at a tender age in politics. You have misled yourself by your own poor choice due to greed. You have decided to join a group of bandits who are robbing Zambians daily of their deserved decent livelihoods. You have joined the queue of thugs and state-resources looters without a game plan to redeem zambia.

What a wasted brain Zambia has lost. Antonio Mwanza was coming up as a decent young honest politician. But the camp he has joined has ruined him. Sad to note.

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