Zambia Defence Minister linked to clandestine weapons Importation, set to accuse HH

Zambian Defence Minister Davis Chama who is third in the State hierarchy from the Presidency, has been linked to a series of illegal importation of military weapons from Angola through Kalabo in the Western Province of Zambia.
Impeccable government sources who spoke on condition their identities were not revealed, have stated that Zambian Vice President Inonge Wina received a tip off from a former UPND security operative only known by the name Rike, a close associate of a Rev. Sikwela who runs a commercial security company in Livingstone, that they had information they insisted was credible, that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema was importing weapons from Angola through the small border town of Kalabo by boat. The weapon were said to have been stored at a farm allegedly owned by some coloured man in Monze Hichilema’s rural District.
The Vice President quickly scrambled a team of Zambia Intelligence investigators to verify the information which came back with another version of the story that actually linked her Defence Minister in the scheme of things. It is not clear what Mwila wants to use the weapons for, but the coincidence of the 2021 elections may be a major factor to the speculation. PF is not a stranger in the unbecoming behaviour of arming their cadres and this is in the middle of  reports of an existing militia in the party.
The sources suggested another theory of an attempt by Mwila to falsely accuse the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for treason with a view to keeping him away from the ballot in next year’s elections.
This is the position that has been commissioned by an intelligence operative only known as Sikazwe with the rank of Deputy Director General of the Zambia Intelligence Service. Sikazwe who’s usually found in the company of the Defence Minister, and is said to be an ardent advocate of tribal ethnicity, is strongly advocating that the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema be linked at all cost to the false plot in order to have him stopped from contesting the 2021 elections.
In late 2019, the PF were strongly suspected to have engaged the in gassing of citizens across Zambia which resulted in a number of lives being lost. Government officials and paid party surrogates pointed fingers at Hichilema until Information Minister Dora Siliya who’s also the official government spokesperson rubbished the claims at a press conference and declared it was also the position of President  Edgar Lungu.
If the weapons’ story is true, it will be the umpteenth time government hawks in the ruling party will have tried so hard to implicate Hichilema but this will not work.
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