Scandal After Scandal in PF

So now it’s honey bee pharmacy scandal. Zambians are now looking at $17 million scandal by the ministry of health

Just yesterday, it was the bicycles scandal and dragging the Japanese embassy into the PF government’s scandal. Government scrambled to explain the gift or theft away but surely this is alive in people’s minds. Bicycles costing $700 each has placed the Home Affairs Street boy turned minister into a laughing stick with incomprehensible recklessness

The perfect scam of the Fire Tenders scam where each unit cost $ 1 million un heard of in Africa or Europe. But what was delivered are clear $250,000 worth of fire tenders. The procuring thieves pocketing over $750,000 per fire tender. This is in acceptable and shall not easily go away

Then PF procured the so called state of the art ambulances at a staggering price of $288,000 a piece. Again in the Ministry of Health under the same crafty thieving minister Chitalu Chilufya. The said ambulances, if delivered then do not equal the price at which they were pegged. Ironically the Swedish embassy as though to embarrass a wasteful GRZ procured the same specification ambulance at a price of $58,000 a piece. So where did Chitalu Chilufya get the crazily priced ambulances from?

The Kafue Gorge lower power station scandal had an earlier procurement that placed it at $1.4 Billion. This earlier tender was cancelled and a new one was activated. Sadly the new tender price skipped hundreds of millions of dollars upwards to $ 2 Billion. So with the same scope the increase was a warping $600 million more. Amazingly it was to the same company 😂😁. What went wrong?

The cases of exorbitant roads construction costing per kilometre in Zambia has caused great damage to the country. The Zambian population has been dramatically robbed day and night causing. To he same roads are being ripped apart within a year and are being redone. Whatever the hell is going on there is a total scam. More finds are being exploited by the ever looting PF politicians.

Politicians like Chitotela who didn’t even have a car in 2016 today boasts of billions of kwacha and a loot chain of high value vehicles.

Bowman the cadre now iwbd an empire within 4 years of being a mere provincial minister

Forex street vendor Kampyongo is another case of riches by night. He has secured do much fixed and movable assets within 4 years.

For Chitalu Chilufya there is only one tunnel fir him to use, the tunnel which leads him into a jail for a long time …. He’s caused do many deaths by poor procurement of medicines, thefts if medicines, to thefts of monies through crafty procurement. Chitalu is one of the worst thieving ministers Zambia has ever had. He must be account for the rapid wealth he has accumulated.

The many scandals in PF must be attended. Zambians must rise and demand their sovereignty and eliminate the numerous callous schemes the PF is burdening on the citizenry.

Demand your Zambia back and walk tall once more

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