When the Corrupt Make the Rules

When the Corrupt Make the rules, the innocent are incusurated while the criminals and corrupt stinking looters walk the streets of freedom.

Zambians awake. The PF loot masters want to try and clean their names through their corrupt  justice system. Sadly the Zambian Judicial system and the headship of chief gitterist and cabbage grower forsaken Lubinda is at the helm.

This is the same man trying to propel the stinking Bill 10.

As for Chitalu Chilufya, here we are neither shocked nor sympathetic. I his man has looted so much wealth that even his head skull can no longer be smooth. Chilufya is basically a thief.

To be released in his own capacity as a parliamentarian is insane. This is a man who has caused so much mysery in the health sector.

He has been retiring and harrassing senior doctors in the Amijistry of Health from the time he took over office. This general practitioner is a ruthless, looting fat cat whose conciius is seared.

It goes without regret to mention that his wife is also a thief. She is a serious ancomplice to this manage. At least ECL has left madam a-peeling alone as he takes habitat with the young swazi at state lodge.

Chilufya my pay back the Zambian people’s moneys he has looted thriiugh ambulance acquisitions, medical supplies in equipment and medicines and indeed in the construction of hospitals around the country and clinics

This chap is ruthless and will stop at nothing to steal some mire.

Now we have a young poor inicwnt man who been denied bail because he’s talking against corruotion. What irony this is. When the Corrupt Make and preside over the constitution, they flourish while innocwmt kids suffer .

Remove these bandits from power and send them packing without reserve. It’s time for Zambians to liberate themselves from the canceriusly corrupt politicians in their entirety, Chilufya, Kampyongo, Lusambo, Chitotela and stupid silly Dora an madam Jean Ikapata.

These criminals in ECL’s government have caused so much damage to the economy that now the Zambian economy is bleeding profusely. Time has come to prepare for their removal.

Let all Zambians join in this legitimate cause. To take out these looters and killers of our citizens both economically and physically through the police brutality.

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