PF-Take Blame & bite the Bullet for Once

There has been no single incidence the PF led government has ever taken blame for since taking power in 2011. This either because the PF government is too perfect to error or too arrogant to notice and accept that the PF is a failed regime.

How possible is it that the PF is so perfect to have had no single error committed since 2011? Since PF took office, there has never been admittance of committing a single error, apart from the atrocious and disastrous incidence of apportioning a non existent donation of bicycles by the Japanese government.

However, it is all on record that PF has committed more atrocities than any other government ever in Zambia. Here are but few pointers:

1. Corruptly executed Procurement packages including but limited to:

-the insane One Million dollar ($1Million) fire tender wheelbarrows, against the market price of $250,000 a piece.
–  the Two hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars ($288,000) for the non existent and never delivered state of the art ambulances against the market price of $58,000.
– Four Million Eight hundred thousand dollars ($4.8 million) worth of a single Toll Gate Setupt (single building, single floor, 6 roomed structure with a maximum of 6 prison-like payment booths) all evaluated at $350,000 per Toll Gate.
– Thirty Five Million dollars ($35 million) worth of simplistic hospital construction just worth about $5.5 million a piece
– the construction of expensive roads at about  $1 million per kilometre instead of about $250,000 per kilometre. Sadly some roads are being redone barely a year after commission instead of at least 5 years.

2. Other atrocities include
– stolen millions of dollars through the social welfare cash transfer scheme.
– crazy loss of medicines from the medical stores under the leadership of Chilufya
– the construction of 48 updated to 52 houses of unknown owners
– the mystery of the 49 mansions whose owners are known
– the clamorous procurement of hundreds of illicit guns from Angola by Davis Mwila which guns are being littered around among PF cadres to use against innocent Zambians.
– the Criminal acts of retiring innocent Zambians in personal selfish interest
– the Foolish procurement of the Gulf Stream plane at a scathing $650 million amidst poverty
– the silly appointments of cadres like Bowman Lusambo, Stephen Kampyongo, Chitotela, amidst a richly educated population
– the Floating a lame, selfish divisive and barbaric Bill 10 in a malicious format

The list of atrocious PF activities is long. These here listed are but non exhaustive. Now running out of lies, they even erroneously honoured the Japanese Embassy  for donating illicit bicycles. Later it is discovered these bicycles were procured at $700 each.

All these cases are for the facilitation of looting national assets and hoping to use those looted assets to cling onto power. This is what the youths of Zambia are hoping to deescalate through mere speaking out against corruption. 

The prize, however, is incarceration by Kampyongo. This depressing situation must be reversed swiftly and urgently, 2021 seem too far a wait. Regime change needs to be enacted else there will be no Zambia left under the jurisdiction of these pompwes (looters of all foods without shame).

The PF government is a mere failure. Its madness and a total let down for most Zambians who had hope in Sata to alleviate poverty has caused so much damage. Under this senseless and uncaring PF regime, poverty has extended and increased to un precedented levels.

So for once, PF swallow the blame and admit you have failed to run Zambia which once had dignity. You are not as perfect as you purport to be. You are instead the blatant opposite of what you portray.

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