Where are ACEZ & EIZ and What is their role?

We have noted with concern over the last year that there is something going on with roads designs. They are designed and constructed or rehabilitated and barely 12 months later they are being ripped up as though they were being redone for the first time.

So which engineers are designing these roads? Where is the Association of Consulting Engineers of Zambia and the Engineering Institute of Zambia? It is our understanding that consulting engineers approve the designs, supervise the works being done by whoever and yet barely a year in operation the roads are failing.

We have Three theories:

  1. Either the designs by engineers are poor and  cannot stand withstand usage for the desired lifespan of roads of at least 5 years to 15 years. Roads constructed are costing as though they would last the desired life or even longer and yet under the current government even the Consulting Engineers are proving useless, costing Zambians millions of dollars. This is pathetic and not acceptable.
  2. Or Engineers collude with road contractors so that they get recalled to carry out repair works to get more money from the Zambian taxpayer. it would seem that Consultants like Sitali and perhaps Kapala literally loot funds from contractors. Lastly:
  3. The government, or is it statehouse since RDA is headquartered there, loot funds through these roads scams in the guise of constructing roads through these dodgy and corrupt contracts.

One or two or even all of them surely do apply. There has been no explanation to the Zambian taxpayer from the so called government in spite of the enormous amount of money that is being wasted. What we would like to know is why this is not and has not been addressed by the two peak engineering bodies when its very clear that there is something wrong going on.  Is it the case that just like all other institutions in this country, these supposed professional institution have also been caught is this web of scandal and corruption?

We seek urgent answers on behalf of the Zambian people who own these assets. There is also the big question of the relevance of the Engineering Institution of Zambia. In Zambia currently, all sorts of engineers qualified and unqualified practice engineering so much so that shoddy works crowd construction sites everywhere one looks..

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