Mulungushi Textiles Reopens after 4 years

Self-imposed president and Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has caused alarms and alerts in Kabwe. He has re-opened Mulungushi Textiles for the second time in 4 years. The Mulungushi Textiles was last opened in 2016 prior to the General Elections. The textile operated with thin manpower and with not much production to write home about and eventually closed.

Chagwa, after the elections never looked back to Kabwe again. This is another blatant gimmick to trick those that are of short memory into thinking that he is a genuine person, alas. He commenced on his real agenda to plunder and loot the national resources and collapsing the economy as expressed by the Foreign exchange rate from K13 to the current K18 to a dollar. He and his thieving ministers including but not limited to Chitotela, Lubinda, Sikzwe, Kampyongo, Kapata, Yaluma, Siliya, Bowman Lusambo and of course chief thief Chitalu Chilufya have amassed so much wealth that they are now and is now jostling and tinkering with the constitution by fusing in clauses that shall enable them all cling onto power through the evil Bill 10.  

Zambia again is preparing to go for the next general elections in 2021. Without shame, Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu once more wants to dupe the Kabwe residents by promising them jobs that never were, not are and never shall be by pampering the reopening of the Mulungush Textile.

Lungu also promised 500,000 jobs to the youths before the 2016 elections. These jobs never came and its now 4 years since the promise was made. After literally stealing the 2016 elections, he never talked about the 500,000 jobs ever again. It is likely he may promise the youths another 750,000 jobs post the 2021 elections and there after vaporize like morning dew from their corridors of interactions.

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has now been taken to task by the same youths he promised a rosy lives. Sadly, the Dictator in his true DNA has started pouncing on the same youths who supported him and is framed them disgruntled bunch of youths. He has even commenced throwing them in the disgusting filthy Police cells. He started with Pilato, now its Tukuta wonder who next.

Further he has stormed into the faces of all who call his government corrupt because it is corrupt. He spares no one with dissenting views. Lungu alone has closed media houses Prime TV and the Post newspaper within 8 years of being in office. That is the so-called humble leader.

Zambians be aware, Lungu’s regime is a regime of bandits and have no agenda for Zambia but themselves. Better send them packing in 2021. Stay at your polling stations after voting and protect your votes. It is time for bandits to leave office. Learn from the others who have done it.


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