Chama must know that Zambians won’t lay Chinese eggs next year.

Challenging Edgar Lungu’s eligibility isn’t being irresponsible, it’s about protecting our constitution and the country from criminals.
The Defence Minister is saying that it will be irresponsible for anyone to challenge Edgar’s eligibility after filling in his nomination because whoever will do that will not be able to handle what will happen.
“And you know when filing nominations it’s a very highly volatile, potentially charged in terms of emotions, there are crowds at the courts and then you just come up with such, imagine what will happen. You will fail to control what will happen,” Chama said, arguing that President Lungu was eligible. “We can’t even imagine that a person can be so irresponsible unless a person who is not patriotic enough, they want to cause unnecessary tension in the nation. That will not be condoned. I don’t think the courts will be such irresponsible”, said Chama. Well, Comrade Chama, in case you were not aware it is the right of any individual under the current constitution to challenge anyone nominated for public office including Lungu. There is nothing sacred or special about him. He is just a citizen like the rest of us and we, the people of Zambia, have given him a mandate to be the president for as long as we, the people, are happy with him. Currently we are not.
It’s now clear that Edgar and his minions think this country belongs to them.
What irresponsibility is there in seeking legal redress on matters affecting the country? Who is Davis Chama to threaten us? Does he and PF own this country for them to be raping our statutes with impunity every time?
Davis Chama should never at any time think that what happened in 2016 is going to repeat itself. In 2016, PF burnt ballot papers in Kanyama, their thugs took over polling stations in Matero, Mandevu, Chawama and Lusaka Central constituencies, they buried ballot papers at a cemetery in Kalulushi and created a ghost constituency. We allowed it because we thought the courts are going to do the right thing. This time around we are going to take the law into our own hands in order to restore rule of law because courts have failed or don’t work.
PF and Chama must also be reminded that the 2021 elections mean a lot to the  youths and women of this country. 2021 elections mean restoring rule of law, ending thuggery and restoring our dignity.
We also know that with another five years of Edgar in the presidency, there will be no Zambia to talk about come 2026. What is it that Lungu will do differently if he is given another 5 year mandate? So far he has on;ly shown a propensity for corruption and theft together with his cohort of thugs.
It’s for these reasons why Zambians aren’t going to lay Chinese eggs in 2021. We are going to take the law in our own hands in order to restore sanity.
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