ECL is Busy Rigging the 2021 Election Right Now

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has lost popularity on the ground in almost all parts of Zambia. With this knowledge, the dictator has gone on an orgy of crooked underhand methods to trying to win next year’s election. One such underhand method is the crooked registration of voters for the 2021 general elections
Lungu is conniving with very junior corrupt officers at the National Registration offices around the country to ensure that all sorts of potential voters including some under aged youths are issues with NRC’s.
The real scam Lungu is planning is to then follow up with a missive generation of voters’ cards associated with generated NRCs that shall not be given to the registered voters, but instead allocate these unsuspecting voters to various polling stations and voters registers. With this accomplished, Lungu intends to manipulate the polls and this is why the corrupt ECZ have reduced the voters registration period in order to enable this crookedness.
Lungu has also established a physical rigging scheme that is intended to override the ECZ system. We have reliable information from impeccable sources from within the ECZ that he is in the process of having this center established in readiness for 2021. Our sources have expressed concern that despite the overwhelming rejection of the corrupt regime, these crooks are determined to overturn the people’s will.
Of these operations the uncovered include but not limited to
  • Violence prior and post elections with armed PF thugs that PF have been and still are arming.
  • Voter’s card buying scam in the opposition strongholds and in urban areas where their popularity has nosedived.
  • Polls manipulation based on people who will not even have voted.
  • Reduced issuance. Of NRC’S in opposition strongholds
  • Conducting fake census statistics currently happening in Luapula, Muchinga and Northern provinces,
  • Ensure the opposition does not campaign freely. (Currently happening under the guise of Covid-19)
  • Pushing of the obnoxious Bill 10 with all it’s bogus dodgy clauses that are intended to keep the corrupt PF in power
All these items disadvantage the opposition in different ways and they have already been set in motion already and concurrently and urge the opposition to urgently look into all of these without delay.
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