Home Affairs and Communications Ministers shut down Southern Province internet services without authority of State House.

Impeccable State House sources have revealed that Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo and his Communication counterpart Dawson Kafwaya, ordered ZICTA to pressure ZAMTEL and other mobile communications providers to blackout internet services in all parts of Southern Province, in mid-February this year. The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity further revealed that this illegal action, which is a major contravention of the international treaties governing internet services was arbitrarily carried out, without the knowledge and authority of President Edgar Lungu.
According to the sources the outage had a two-pronged operational objective of the enterprise. The first was a mischievous attempt to aggravate the spontaneous gassing that was being carried out by the government agents and paint the Province, which is the main opposition UPND stronghold ungovernable and appearing as spiraling out of control. The second was a test run for a possible internet shutdown of the Province during the elections slated for 2021, in order to short circuit the transmission of election results to the totaling center in Lusaka.
Mazabuka Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo queried the mysterious shutdown in Parliament to which the pro-PF Speaker Patrick Matibini failed to take government to task for. Hon. Mkombo must report this very disturbing development to the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for investigations. We shall be informing the public of other under underhand methods the Ministers of Home Affairs and Telecommunications are employing using ZICTA to bully and manipulate the mobile telecommunications providers.
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