Whose Land are You IN?

In whose land do you live? If you live in your country then do nor fear fight for your rights. Lusambo and GBM think this is their mothers’ land. Tachili chishi chabamanyina (Lenje).

Zambia is a Christian nation and does not deserve to be governed by thugs. Lusambo and GBM are loose heads and cannot be allowed to drown the Beautiful country into chaos to feed their fat bellies on corruption tentacles.

It is not shocking to hear the scathing and silly pronouncements by these danderheads inclusive of those quiet on such derogatory statements and hope to gain progress in nation

If one cannot defend democracy, one is certainly a failure in democratic systems. The sentiments from these danderheads is in line with Dictatorial tendancies. Zambia is both a Christian and democratic nation and has no room in leadership for outright fools.

Careless statements by myopic and dull personalities in leadership like Bowman Lusambo must have their mouths shut and locked with keys for those locks drowned IN Lake Bangweulu to safeguard the peace in Zambia.

Zambians cannot be reduced to prisoners just because empty tins like GBM and Bowman Lusambo flare words tainted with thuggerish tones. Lungu too must stand up and condemn such stupidity expressed by empty tins like GBM and Lusambo MMD if he means well for Zambia.


Stand-up for your rights and demand democracy from dictators for a Better Zambia.

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