PF Failed Regime

Zambia finds itself in one of its worst economic statuses since independence. The PF government has systematically destroyed institutions to allow anarchy and promote disorder in the country. The promotion of disorder, is the order of the day.

Cadres have been armed with weapons to terrorize citizens who openly disagree with the current way of governance. Bars and streets are littered with these buffoons whose pay end at a meal and few coins to spare for a beer for the day. Sadly Kampyongo and Davis Mwila have also introduced the poor kids to drugs in the process. This is to keep them doing their dirty works. How selfish can people be. 

There is nothing more to say. The salient ills emanating from the terrible, selfish and devastating dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu (former Jonathan Mothaware) of former plot 4001 Kitwe, Copperbelt are all self-explanatory. The few listed here literally at the core of his scathing failure:

  1. The market-burning PF government no resolution
  2. The citizens-gassing PF government – all suspects released, so who was gassing citizens 
  3. The fake 500,000 jobs for youth under laying PF Government
  4. The driver of evil Bill 10 PF Government, so as to hold onto power.
  5. The evidently most corrupt PF led Government since 1964.
  6. The ever sly, shrewd and dishonest ECL with PF Government

Zambians can all now see that their country was handed over to wrong people. Under the current regime there is no hope for the economy to be revived. Its a clear matter of failure. Sadly the PF regime seeks to hold onto power amidst while having failed the Zambians lamentably.

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