Victor Mundende must at the very least wake up and shut down ZESCO Head office and have measures put in place to stop the Corona virus from infecting everyone out there – staff, customers and their families.

It is obvious that Zesco Headoffice has been infested with COVID19 for a while. As other well meaning institutions have done previously to mitigate this infiltration, ZESCO HQ must shut DOWN to facilitate total fumigation and all staff tested.

Mundende must get out of slumber at least on this obvious health alert and shut down Headoffice and carryout mandatory tests for COVID19 on everyone there and their subsequent contacts. Mundende supported by his partner in crime Chitalu Chilufya can even fund the entire test routine program from the loot they have accumulated through both corruption and other thefts.

While it is now a proven fact that this KA MA chap (this fellow) at the helm of ZESCO is USELESS, he can at least do just this one noble thing; shut down ZESCO HQ for tests and enforce mandatory self quarantine for all ZESCO HQ staff before they infect all customers walking into that death trap called head office.

So far three ZESCO prominent staff have died in the last 6 weeks. Engineer Mukuka, Snr Manager Cynthia Kunda and now well known jovial Kennedy Banda from customer services (what a loss for Zambia on those fine brains).

One parent to a Zesco employee was disgusted at the uselessness of Mundende and lamented, “Mundende, how many Cynthias and Ken Bandas do you want dead? Shut down the f*ckin* Headoffice and do the needful to save our children. ‘We kapuba we’ (you fool) .”

From the ground it is inconceivable to note that nothing has been done by either the Ministry of Health or ZESCO Board despite the obvious surge and infestation of the national power utility’s headquarters with COVID19.

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