The time to kick out the Crooks is now.

The time to boot out the rotten PF regime is here. There are no more excuses worth listening to from this inherently corrupt and selfish cluster of greedy individuals that have tormented our country for the last 9 years. 
Zambians must unite and send a comprehensive and clear message putting these crooks on notice that next year they are on their way out. It is for this reason that the battle to kick out the rotten PF government must be taken up by all the genuine people of this republic. In other words it is incumbent on all well meaning Zambians to start arming themselves with a voters card this October for the election of a lifetime.

This is not a battle for  opposition parties alone, it’s a battle for all who would love to  live in a corruption free Zambia, for citizens who would love to once more feel safe from these idiotic PF cadres. To once again be able to move freely in their daily endeavors, for we the people are tired of this inept president and his so called executive. 
This battle is for all who complain about the high cost of mealie meal, high cost of fuel, high tariffs of electricity, no allowances for students, no medicines in hospitals, disgusting levels of nepotism in GRZ, etc. 
We should all join in and fight in this battle, the battle of our lives. We have lost almost everything in this short period that these clueless crooks have been in power. Time to stand up and be counted is now, and no later than now is the time to kick out this PF regime and all that it represents

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