Privatisation ?

It is amazing how the Privatisation of the Zambian national assets that took place over 25 years ago is suddenly becoming a warm issue. Just fix the DUMB economy even through the current BoZ Governor who is also a party break dancer boy.

Zambians are tired of the unending lies, corruption, wastage and theft of public resources by the PF Regime. Interestingly PF are trying to blame the opposition who have no control over the resources. PF you are in power for mother Zambia’s sake. How stupid can you be? This elusiveness by the PF must end.

Whatever you do this time, whether you rig the elections or not, whether you call on the fires of hell to rain hippopotamuses and elephants, you are going in 2021. Zambians need to get total relief from this uncaring, selfish bunch of looters who have neither a vision nor a plan to redeem Zambia.

So get ready you pompwes, just pack you honest bags only and prepare to leave. It is done. All the tricks are you doing now like crazy registration of voters, illicit NRC issuance scums, buying Voters’ cards etc will certainly not work. This is a people country not a Pompwe Nation, The Thiefdom must end.

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