Governed By Criminals – Zambia

Sikaile C. Sikaile

Privatization Propaganda, Kampyongo Waiting For Technocrats  on Citizens War Tankers, New Home Affairs PS M. Banda Registering Foreigners As Voters

As we all shift our attention to privatization, another saga involving the procurement of these war tankers by ministry of home affairs is boiling.

A week ago, home affairs minister Steven Kampyongo, during a radio interview he failed to disclose how much we were robbed by PF plunders in the procurement of these war tankers.

Kampyongo said technocrats were still calculating the total cost of these machines.

However, the statement from the Minister reveals the magnitude of the disaster in our systems and validate our submission that we are governed by criminals.

Basic norms in procurements of this magnitude at the least requires competitive bidding and ultimate accreditation of suppliers. Among the factors for final awarding of contract to supply would be the comparative landing cost for the shipment.

Even without common sense, one can begin to interrogate the whole deal at a number of key procurement standards. Was this a spontaneous procurement for the system to begin working backwards? Was this like many previous procurement a single sourced one? Was this a budgetary or discretionary funds procurement?

Was this nested procurement where someone used his pay check and now is working out the freight cost to determine his due refund? A million questions could be asked without arriving at a logical answer. We have a government whose specialization is stealing with impunity.

Their board chairman of corruption and criminal activities Edgar Lungu is protecting them, and when he sips some wine he tells us how corrupt his ministers are, but when he is sober, he says he can’t act based on rumours. What a mediocre we have in state house.

The irrefutable expert evidence from the Minister simply shows and confirms the internal culture in government. Systems are merely for the satisfaction of window dressers. Procurement is run on imprest system. Favoured officers are given bagloads of taxpayers money for laundred public procurements.Wheras standard imprest system management demands the retirement of all expenses within 48hrs, this transaction seem to be baptized with the laxity of infinite!

The armament is handed over even before the cost is known? Where on on Earth, apart from this thieving regime?

We can only conclude that the whole transaction has been another of the many acts of economic sodomy by the working humble government of thieves and for the thieves by the thieves.


2 Comments on “Eastern Province Chiefs Refuse to ban UPND.”

  1. Maambo
    June 9, 2017 at 11:50 pm #

    It s unfortunate that the people who call others tribalist, are hypocrites. They themselves are real tribalist.

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  2. OneNation
    June 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm #

    Unlike Chiefs from other regions, the Eastern Chiefs have responded to this nonsense in very clear terms. One would have hoped other Chiefs would have also reprimanded their subjects when they spewed nonsense and all the mess we are in now would have been avoided. But do not add your stuff ba Watchdog – did Senior Chief Nzamane refer to the President in his reprimand of Edwin Sakala?

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