Arrest Dora for Tribal Remarks

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The tribal war being ignited and is being condoned by the Lungu led PF  administration is totally unacceptable. President Lungu has presided over the worst government  administration as regards failure to unite Zambians. Tribalism is divisive and has never yielded positive results anywhere under the sun.

Of all the numerous unfortunate  salient strides this PF administration  has taken, the worst of them all is the propagation of tribal enmity among Zambians.

Minister Nkandu Luo has been caught live on camera literally promoting tribalism while in Chilubi, some less significant persons in PF have been at this vice as well and worst of all, Dora Siliya, at the centre of the country’s communication hub, has been propagating tribal warfare in Zambia. What a Shame.

This is unfortunate for Zambia and must not be allowed to continue at all costs. Sadly some illiterate chiefs, who do not have a clue on what tribalism can degenerate into, have filed into the ranks of this sickening theme by the PF Lungu led administration.

At best, tribalism must be criminalized. Anyone who uses tribal maneuvers to pace an agenda of any sort in Zambia, is not worth of any leadership position let alone a government executive position.

Sanity needs to revert to mother Zambia. The current status of chaos in governance and Condonment of tribalism must not be allowed to continue.

Dora Siliya must be arrested and put in her place for her wreck less talk. It is amazing how both the opposition and some sane PF leaders have been quiet on this damaging path being grown. Zambia deserves better. This tribalism being promoted by the Executive is so un Zambian. Parliament must be on fire to trash and put off this tribal warfare.

2 Comments on “Eastern Province Chiefs Refuse to ban UPND.”

  1. Maambo
    June 9, 2017 at 11:50 pm #

    It s unfortunate that the people who call others tribalist, are hypocrites. They themselves are real tribalist.

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  2. OneNation
    June 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm #

    Unlike Chiefs from other regions, the Eastern Chiefs have responded to this nonsense in very clear terms. One would have hoped other Chiefs would have also reprimanded their subjects when they spewed nonsense and all the mess we are in now would have been avoided. But do not add your stuff ba Watchdog – did Senior Chief Nzamane refer to the President in his reprimand of Edwin Sakala?

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