ECL – Who is He Really?

After watching American democracy at play, one wonders where Zambia is headed. It literally undresses our state of affairs. It exposes our pathetic status.

Joe Biden and Kamala flooded the podium with their beautiful families after their victory speeches. The Zambian case is a total opposite of what was portrayed.

For our case Who is he really? Who is presiding over the affairs of this land? Seriously? REALLY? We did that? Just who is he really?

No history

No background

No religion

No Church

No siblings

No children except except 1

No grand children

No Nieces or nephews

No defined chiefdom

No known Village

No nothing

Doubtful origins

Doubtful career path Just a vacuum of information

Just from nowhere for a president How did we do that? How did we get there?

What criteria do we use to select our leaders? We need to do better as Zambians. We now represent a bad example of how not to elect !leaders.

Do your own check and checkout ECL. Who is he really?

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