Lungu Stop Those Drones Hovering over HH’s House

Impeccable sources from within the Security forces have revealed that surveillance on HH’s using the newly accrued government drones is now in effect.

The source stated that Lungu has no limits in planning on evil intentions and further attempting to take HH’s life. Authority by the Commander in Thief has been granted by a few selected men in uniform to expedite this task.

This level of desperation by Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu to eliminate HH from the ballot paper in 2021 is utterly evil and un Zambian. It is not clear as yet when the intended operation might be, but could be as early as 31 Dec 2020.

The master minds of the evil plans working with Cadre Money Changer Stephen Kampyongo, some former intelligence officers and a few more people yet to be known are following through this viciously plan. Clearly Dictator Edgar Lungu is not sleeping over HH.

Once more revelations are extracted, the same shall be shared. Lungu has a criminal heart and attempting to eliminate HH is his daily dream.

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