Quality Leadership is Just What it Is.

There has been a notion smeared around that loud politicians or the most eloquent ones have leadership qualities befitting for the masses. This notion is wrong. Neither loudness nor humbleness signify quality leadership. Zambians have been duped long enough now and must now awake to reality.

The greater part of the suffering among the Zambian people has emanated from fake humbleness through poor leadership.

Fake Humbleness

Just because someone has been counted or coined humble by a few and insignificant clergy cacoons, does not mean that one is a good leader. Behind the fake humbleness for some, lie shrudeness, heartless thoughts and ultimate selfishness beyond measure.

A quick swipe at most leaders who present fake humble faces has revealed tons and heaps of indisputable corruption, cold blood killings and total looting of their national assets etc. Zambians must understand this very well by now. The lavish lifestyles being presented by the current leadership of dishing out millions of Mvunga’s printed Zambian Kwacha both carelessly and stupidly so to say the least, has revealed the level of thoughtlessness, carelessness and heartlessness of the leaders with their funded cadres.

This embarrassing activity they find themselves in is deplorable. To be involved in dishing out money aimlessly and foolishly in the hope to buy people’s suffering hearts is too myopic for assessment. But clearly that’s the best they can do. That is their level.


The old saying seems to be on point still as regards the loudest politicians. Noise making does not translate into good leadership. Most of the noise makers are normally hiding weaknesses behind the noises they make. David Mabumba always started with a statement that he was a Christian. That took people off guard until he was found to be one of the most wicked people morally. Others in the PF led government have followed showing their true colors in acts of self gratification thinking they are the best things that ever happened in Zambia, shame.

This behavior has always repeated itself. Just watch a few years back where some were and see where they are today. They have turned around showing different ivory shapes each time they smile …. Most noise makers are normally empty heads and make the loudest noises just like empty tins. Just watch their focus and myopic visions. You do not need to look far see kampyongo and Lusambo for near reference, what value to they bring to the people of Zambia, absolutely nothing

Time to reflect and lookout for alternatives to this degrading leadership is now. Lungu has failed to put up a team to deal with the basics right. Life is unbearably expensive in Zambia. The economy is literally on its knees. Lungu has failed Zambians generally and the back stops at him.

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