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State House Must not Trivialise Calls by Amnesty International on Loss of Freedoms in Zambia.

Citizens and all people of good must surely be appalled and greatly troubled by the arrogance and disdainful attitude being exhibited by Edgar Chagwa Lungu, on the serious concerns being raised by the International community on the deteriorating human rights conditions in Zambia. The fact that two very respected World Bodies like the British Commonwealth […]

What a shameless pretender and hypocrite!

It’s unbelievable that Dictator Edgar Lungu could stand before the United Nations General Assembly and talk, or rather lie, about democracy, pledging his government’s solidarity with those nations undertaking the necessary actions in deepening their democracies.   Edgar is also talking about people in Africa exercising their democratic right of choice of leaders. He did […]

Does Zambia have a President?

With the petitioned presidency, with the seemingly unfocused leadership, with the increased poverty stinging the general populous, with the ever increasing looting of public resources in the country, with petty tribal and regional cleansing of public servants, with a self confessed vision-less president, does Zambia actually have a President? This stunning question goes to seek […]