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Antonio – No Vision on Debt

By Samuel Mwenda, non political citizen. UNZA has a wide range of graduates useful ones and useless ones. UNZA has produced many graduates who have done grand things in the world today. So Antonio Mwanza should not bundle all UNZA graduates in bracket of limited thinking. Knowledge is continually gained by those willing to learn […]

Bill 10 A Poison for Zambia

Desperate individuals are pushing for Bill 10 to try and hold onto power. Bill 10 and Lungu’s non eligeability to contend the 2021 elections for the third term and hold office for the third time against the Constitution standing are a compound scum amidst the PF. Bill 10 a mess. UPND MPs and several other […]

Lungu has Lamentably Failed

By all standards and against any scales of measure, it is time to admit that Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has failed Zambia. Chagwa has failed the Zambian people after they offered him two terms of leadership. While still un excusable, the first 1.7 years of his first term may just be as he declared his […]

ZED-Where are the Scientists and Mathematicians?

Zambia has enough qualified medical experts who include professors, PhD and Masters degree holders, medical doctors, chemists, biologists, Agriculturalists and even mathematicians etc. Why are they all silent when a known failure of General medical Practitioner Chitalu Chilufya is fluffing around with the this dangerous viral disease he cannot comprehend and whose pattern and statistics […]