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Lungu After Sikaile’s Life

Press statement for immediate release 06/01/2021 State House through some trails within the Zambia Police Command have set out to hunt down a Human Rights Activist Sikaile Sikaile. This life threatening action by Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu is an indicator of what Zambia has as a head of state, a bloody thirsty self centered individual. […]

The Killing Machines are Zambia Police!

They killed a school going child in Feb 2020. Most recently they gunned down two unarmed citizens namely Messrs. Nsama and Kaunda. In the feature picture an orphan made instant at that gunshot for Kaunda’s child. The Zambia Police under Kampyongo and Kanganja have gunned down more innocent citizens than any other combination of Inspector […]

Arrest of HH a PF Agenda

Impeccable sources from the Intel hub have revealed that the Pathetic Failures (PF) have pursued their evil agenda to get HH arrested. Now using their lapdog Tayali, they have gathered skirmish schemes and would want to derail the revolutionary train behind HH. Seeing their chances slimming off in 2021 general elections, the Perfect Failures are […]

ECL – Who is He Really?

After watching American democracy at play, one wonders where Zambia is headed. It literally undresses our state of affairs. It exposes our pathetic status. Joe Biden and Kamala flooded the podium with their beautiful families after their victory speeches. The Zambian case is a total opposite of what was portrayed. For our case Who is […]

Arrest Dora for Tribal Remarks

Editor’s Choice The tribal war being ignited and is being condoned by the Lungu led PF  administration is totally unacceptable. President Lungu has presided over the worst government  administration as regards failure to unite Zambians. Tribalism is divisive and has never yielded positive results anywhere under the sun. Of all the numerous unfortunate  salient strides […]