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What Bill 10 is all about.

#BILL 10 A good number of citizens have expressed concern that the debate around the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 has stayed among a few who are able to interpret the legal jargon, leaving the rest of the population behind. We agree that many people including some members of parliament who will deliberate […]


PF+ E C L= Fuel k15,98 per Litre of petrolfrom below K10.00 PF+ E C L= Diesel K14.23 per Itr of DIESEL from about k7.OO PF. + ECL=Bole hole tax introduction PF +ECL= Heath lnsurance introduction PF+ E CL= Toll Gate fees Introduction PF +ECL= K 152 per25kg Bag of mealie Meal from k37.00 PF+ […]

Lets stop the stupid hypocracy.

By Lusenga Mulongoti When millions of dollars are stolen through corruption in inflated contracts and pure embezzlement by Government ministers and officials nothing is done apart from cosmetic prosecutions which end up in ‘acquittals’. People are dying unnecessarily due to lack of medicine and medical equipment in our hospitals, people are sleeping on empty stomachs […]

PF Defrauding Citizens

$35 Million Bayport Fraud Deducting loan repayment amounts from civil servants’ salaries yet NOT remitting these monies to the lawful owners – Bayport. As a result, thousands of civil servants have defaulted on their loans, with their credit reputations laying in ruins. This is affecting their ability to access future finance, with many having had […]