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3rd Termer MPs Must Go

Editor’s Choice Irrespective of Party affiliation, all MPs who have served for at least 3 terms must be done & dusted (MPD&D) and must not attempt to contest again in 2021. Their life shelf is burnt out and that card of life over. By now their plans for their constituencies should have been expedited else […]

They are Mwakoles

{{Information| |Description = Pied Crow (”Corvus albus”) |Source = [] |Author = Myburgh |Permission = GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 |other versions = none}} The behaviour of the prominent leaders of Zambia in the PF regime is likened to that of a Pied Crow (in Bemba Mwankole). This bird greatly resides in the southern […]

Edith Nawakwi facilitated the purchase of two Lima Bank properties to her husband during privatisation.

By Richard Aaron Ngoma In what may turn out to be a clear case of corruption and insider dealing, former Finance Minister and FDD President Edith Nawakwi facilitated the purchase of two Lima Bank properties to her husband Geoffrey Hambulo, during the privatisation process which as Finance Minister under late President Frederick Chiluba, she was in […]

Privatisation ?

It is amazing how the Privatisation of the Zambian national assets that took place over 25 years ago is suddenly becoming a warm issue. Just fix the DUMB economy even through the current BoZ Governor who is also a party break dancer boy. Zambians are tired of the unending lies, corruption, wastage and theft of […]

Yaluma The Tribalist Thief

Editor, The untold story of Christopher Yaluma and ZDA happenings. Christopher Yaluma is not only a thief who has looted a large amount of government resources but is also a sworn tribalist. Yaluma is tribal to the bone marrow that he even forgets that his wife is Tonga from Monze and his children are half […]

Sunday Chanda is an Empty Head

The more one listens and reads Sunday Chanda’s output, the more one discovers how cheap he is. We advise Sunday to engage his energy into productivity and bring out morally ompliant materials in his writeups. Sunday Chanda must focus on cleaning up his newly appointed drunken Bank Governor and on your other well known drunken  […]