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Why Edgar Lungu Wants Bill 10 Enacted into law.

“We Will make the law on your behalf”, President Edgar Lungu vowed at one of his national address last year and alerting those opposed to Bill 10. But the preamble of our current Constitution opens thus: WE, THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA…and ends with…DO HEREBY SOLEMNLY ADOPT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION”. It does not […]

Who will save Zambia?

By Linda Kasonde  I grew up in Zambia in the 1980s and 1990s. I am old enough to remember some of what it was like to live under authoritarian one-party rule in Zambia. I remember that people felt afraid of speaking openly and frankly over the phone. I remember stories of people dying under mysterious circumstances. […]

Tutwa Ngulube is now a Proven Fool

By a Concerned Citizen over Mediocrity It is with deep regret that we have to finally release all the brakes and hold back we had on Tutwa Ngulube. State Counsel Sangwa what happened, how did that chap manage to even get a law degree? The dullness of Tutwa Ngulube supersedes that of Bowman Lusambo. While […]

Zambia approaching a debt point of no return under PF.

Public finances head south while the Patriotic Front clamps down on dissent ahead of next year’s election. The ruling Patriotic Front’s continued state of denial about the country’s dire debt situation sees the year begin with loan defaults, dwindling state revenues, disintegrating public services and unpaid civil service salaries. The government’s failure to make a […]