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Lawlessness at Bus Ranks

Masebo Writes: Following the boycott by Flush bus drivers in protest of extortion from PF cadres, I think the Minister of Local Govt must help his councils to take full charge of the markets and bus stations against their Caders. This is, in fact, part of the reasons why councils are unable to collect fees […]

Party Conventions

It is now constitutional in Zambia, that all political parties hold Democratic Elections within their parties prior to participating in any national general election. The UPND must hold their National Congress as they term it, the PF must hold their convention and all other political parties must do the same. It is no longer an […]

What Bill 10 Will Bring

Bill 10 shall bring systematic oppression, more corruption, continuation of human rights abuses, looting and destruction of the national and natural resources and generally total degradation of the livelihoods among Zambians. We urge the opposition and the well meaning PF MPs to stand by the Zambian people and stop this Given Lubinda and ECL Bill […]