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Americans acknowledge Zambian State House Drug Report as Rumours Of Lungu’s Impending Arrest Swirl.

By a correspondent It is increasingly becoming clear that the Americans are weighing their options on the possibilities of arresting President Edgar Lungu for drug trafficking related offences that have rocked Zambia the past few days. The US Embassy has released what Zambian Government insiders view as an encrypted and subtle signal that Lungu is […]

PF has Damaged Zambia!

When so much damage and chaos has been wrough by the enemies of the Zambian people, it’s only the insane that can still stand up and claim that the government of Zambia is doing well. This is totally ridiculous. The most absurd thing is that PF government wants to extend a voice on Xenophobia in […]

The Zambian Failed Economy

The Zambian economy has basically failed. All economic indicies show a nose-diving trend contrary to what the PF mouth pieces sing on daily. It is now evident that more than ever before, the PF government is the worst government that has ever presided over Zambians. The PF Executive arm of government has the most greedy […]