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Zambia – COVID-19 Numbers are Under- Reported

Even for a decent cause such as reporting on COVID-19, PF led government has once again failed Zambians. The dangers surrounding COVID-19 are obvious but this clueless government does not seen to realise that. Therefore, failure to report on this dangerous disease adequately and correctly is dangerous and can prove to be catastrophic. The PF […]

Lungu Stop Wasting Time

Sikaile Sikaile writes, 25 March 2020 Mr Lungu don’t waste public resources looking for me please use the money to fight COVID-19 State house has summoned The Mast News paper demanding for my information regarding a statement that appeared in the Mast Newspaper on March18, 2020 titled Lungu is a chief thug who threatened Judges. […]

Lungu Refusing Lockdown due to his business interests , Zambia has more than 50 Cases so Far.

Bruce Nyirenda – 24.03.20 State security agencies have revealed that health professionals recommended a complete lock down of the country some 3 weeks ago, even before first cases of Coronavirus were reported in Zambia. And highly confidential reports indicate that Zambia has more than 50 cases of Coronavirus, though the official figure of those quarantined […]

Edgar Lungu is Actually Jonathan Mutaware

The issues surrounding Edgar Lungu and  his origins are becoming clearer by the day and it is becoming more apparent that he is a foreigner. He is not a Zambian. He just simply cannot be. Lungu is not a Zambian full stop. Lungu’s real name, as alluded to earlier is actually Jonathan Mutaware. This hard […]

SPAX Murdered 6 Members of one Family

We now have evidence through an impeccable source that the PF cadre SPAX called Spwho happens to be Kampyongo’s operative killed an entire family of 6 people in Chingola.  Therefore SPAX should not be charged of a murder case but 6 counts of murder charges must be slapped on him. All this in the name […]