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UPND Katuba MP dies 

Katuba Member of Parliament, Patricia Mwashingwele has died. According to reports Mwashingwele died in the early hours of this morning. Keembe Member of Parliament Princess Kasune posted on her facebook a while ago. She was discharged from UTH on monday but advised to go to river side in kafue that is where she was until last […]

HH means well for Zambia.

By Koswe. This is what UPND media is failing let’s help the fools. HH’s  ranches are giving him and his family billions of dollars on a daily basis. Besides ranches, HH has multimillion dollar businesses accross the world and he does not need your votes so that he can get in and steal or survive […]

UPND Sleeping Giant

The facts as they stand today, are that UPND won both the 2015 presidential bye elections and the 2016 general elections. It is also factual that both elections were rigged by Kaiser Zulu, Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda, Devis Mwila, Amos Chanda, KBF, Priscilla Isaacs, Esau Chulu as leaders of the Rigging Team. The vivid case of […]

Lungu, Where are the 500,000 Jobs?

Lungu promised the Zambian youths 500,000 jobs in 2016. So far there are no tangeable jobs that have been created. Instead, Lungu has been creating more jobs for Chinese prisoners who have flooded the Zambian streets wherever construction is ongoing. MOST RECENTLY even simple drivers of Indian origin have mopped the job market in Zambian. […]

GBM – What Next?

The embattled suspended UPND vice president (GBM) is likely to hold a press conference today Tuesday, 23rd April 2019. It is not clear what the contents of his press conference willll be but sources close to him indicate that he may try and mitigate his gross misconduct as charged by the UPND by trashing the […]