Victor Mundende must at the very least wake up and shut down ZESCO Head office and have measures put in place to stop the Corona virus from infecting everyone out there – staff, customers and their families. It is obvious that Zesco Headoffice has been infested with COVID19 for a while. As other well meaning […]

The Commissioner of Prisons Dr Chisela Chileshe is educated but not wise.

By Sara Imutowana Yeta IIAs a Medical Doctor (MD), Dr Chisela Chileshe, the Correctional Services Commissioner-General, is educated; therefore empowered with facts, truths, information, knowledge, theories, concepts, models, principles, and skills regarding the well being of patients, community and society.He gained his knowledge and skills through books, research, and investigation into facts of health. One could […]

PF Failed Regime

Zambia finds itself in one of its worst economic statuses since independence. The PF government has systematically destroyed institutions to allow anarchy and promote disorder in the country. The promotion of disorder, is the order of the day. Cadres have been armed with weapons to terrorize citizens who openly disagree with the current way of […]

Whose Land are You IN?

In whose land do you live? If you live in your country then do nor fear fight for your rights. Lusambo and GBM think this is their mothers’ land. Tachili chishi chabamanyina (Lenje). Zambia is a Christian nation and does not deserve to be governed by thugs. Lusambo and GBM are loose heads and cannot […]

Home Affairs and Communications Ministers shut down Southern Province internet services without authority of State House.

Impeccable State House sources have revealed that Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo and his Communication counterpart Dawson Kafwaya, ordered ZICTA to pressure ZAMTEL and other mobile communications providers to blackout internet services in all parts of Southern Province, in mid-February this year. The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity further revealed that this illegal […]

ECL is Busy Rigging the 2021 Election Right Now

Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has lost popularity on the ground in almost all parts of Zambia. With this knowledge, the dictator has gone on an orgy of crooked underhand methods to trying to win next year’s election. One such underhand method is the crooked registration of voters for the 2021 general elections Lungu is conniving […]

President Edgar Lungu’s running battles with Tongas

By David Zulu President Edgar Lungu is the only incumbent since 1964 to have a visible protracted frosty relation with Southerners. His running battles with the region has only brought about the ugly side of Zambian politics. Southerners have generally been an accommodating people to Presidents they politically oppose, and nothing has come out of […]

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