When a Clown Leads a Nation.

This is what happens when a clown leads a Nation. He simply dances on podiums and performs as a clown would do while the nation’s economy sours. Without an ounce of shame Lungu dances boastfully with the Kwacha at K15 per US$1.0. This is a typical case of a clueless selfish dictator who concentrates more […]

PF Must Just Go – Next Year

By Harry Chongo – Freelance Journalist The Snake Eating Dictator (SED) Edgar Chagwa Lungu is busy preparing for the 2021 general elections at the expense of currently governing the country with a free falling economic crisis. However, ECL the (SED) is glued to the 2021 elections target. Lungu the SED, has invested not less than […]

How is a presidential salary reduced in Zambia?

In the same way it is increased, through legislation. A president’s salary in Zambia isn’t increased or reduced through  pronouncements, but through legislation. When President Lungu says he’s reduced his salary, the next question is, where is the legislation to go with that? No wonder he is now backtracking with the voluntary garbage. Besides that, […]

Recall of US envoy Foote over PF kleptomani.

Just to clarify things, ambassador Daniel Foote’s exit may be a small victory to those who peddle illegality and lawlessness under the guise of new age false religious fundamentalism; but the majority of ordinary Zambians may have a huge price to pay because for the Patriotic Front (PF), this was never a question of our […]

200% Electricity Tariff increase is Insane

Editor’s Choice It is absolutely insane to increase electricity tariffs by 200%. This is the worst tariff increase Zambians have ever experienced since the establishmant of the Zambian Government. The pro poor PF is not living to its manifesto, it cannot take such an action and still claim to be true pro poor PF. It […]

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