Privatisation ?

It is amazing how the Privatisation of the Zambian national assets that took place over 25 years ago is suddenly becoming a warm issue. Just fix the DUMB economy even through the current BoZ Governor who is also a party break dancer boy. Zambians are tired of the unending lies, corruption, wastage and theft of […]

Yaluma The Tribalist Thief

Editor, The untold story of Christopher Yaluma and ZDA happenings. Christopher Yaluma is not only a thief who has looted a large amount of government resources but is also a sworn tribalist. Yaluma is tribal to the bone marrow that he even forgets that his wife is Tonga from Monze and his children are half […]

Sunday Chanda is an Empty Head

The more one listens and reads Sunday Chanda’s output, the more one discovers how cheap he is. We advise Sunday to engage his energy into productivity and bring out morally ompliant materials in his writeups. Sunday Chanda must focus on cleaning up his newly appointed drunken Bank Governor and on your other well known drunken  […]

Is Lungu a Zambian?

Lungu acts the way he does because of two fundamental reasons; (1) He may not be a Zambian (2) He has no vision. These are the two pillars on which Lungu’s actions are based. Lungu is a semi Malawian and semi Rwandese. His Mother is a Jere from Malawi while his Father has all his […]


Victor Mundende must at the very least wake up and shut down ZESCO Head office and have measures put in place to stop the Corona virus from infecting everyone out there – staff, customers and their families. It is obvious that Zesco Headoffice has been infested with COVID19 for a while. As other well meaning […]

The Commissioner of Prisons Dr Chisela Chileshe is educated but not wise.

By Sara Imutowana Yeta IIAs a Medical Doctor (MD), Dr Chisela Chileshe, the Correctional Services Commissioner-General, is educated; therefore empowered with facts, truths, information, knowledge, theories, concepts, models, principles, and skills regarding the well being of patients, community and society.He gained his knowledge and skills through books, research, and investigation into facts of health. One could […]

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