Tom Silwiindi Abducted By PF Kanganja Operatives

In what seems to be a grand careless and abuse of office and authority, now the PF led government has proceeded to start abducting citizens from their homes.

This is the same government that caused deaths of many citizens through Gassing. To date no reasonable reports have been produced by PF

This is the same government that burnt down several markets in the country in the quest to accuse the opposition, todate no reasonable report has come out

This is the same government involved in crazy looting tenders 1 million dollar fire tenders trucks, $258,000 ambulance each, $17Million dollar honey bee scam tender the list is long.

Tom Silwiindi was abducted from. His house in Choma, just because Jezebel Nawakwi mentioned him in her failed Kalomo Farm Land case where Dictatotor Edgar Chagwa Lungu hopes to get to his political opponent HH.

Silwiindi is innocent. Jezebel Nawakwi has been singing fake after fake news on HH to continue getting financial support from PF for her bed ridden husband Haambulo.

Kanganja shall pay dearly should anything at all happen to Tom Silwiindi. This is not a threat, but it is a promise.

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